Do whips and chains excite you? Then you’ll be happy to know TERA is creating a class just for you! Ok, maybe not just for you, but the newly teased Reaper class will certainly entice players looking for a little more mobility and dark magic mayhem.

An Elin-specific class and one only available to players who own a character above level 40, the Reaper wields razor sharp sickles attached to long chains, making the Reaper most effective at mid-range. Not only can the new class strike enemies at range, it can also harness dark magic to deal additional area of effect damage and even swap positions with an enemy. In fact, the Reaper has access to several unique skills which provide the class with additional mobility, capable of countering attacks and ignoring fatal damage.

Players dreading the though of leveling another toon in TERA need not worry, their journey with the Reaper will begin at level 50. The new class has only just been teased in Korea which means a western release is most likely in the works, but presumably still a ways off. More information regarding the Reaper class can be found on the TERA fansite TERAToday.

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  1. Just saying most of the thoughts thst are said ate based bc u got hurt some where in the game two Elias are not little kids the fit I. To the story line and lore explains it all two the reaper won’t be eliminated for ever it’s a test phase they are the easy at to code for and work the kinks outbox the reaper to put on other classes have a good day guys XD

  2. well i simply say let them do what they want. Even if 100 people quiet don’t mean another 100 wouldn’t join and just because one person dosen’t like what the others do dosen’t mean crap. also remember Elin’s are not Kids so thinking them as kids is wrong and your just plan stupid for thinking that way in the first way. Also there isn’t much different between Elin’s and BNs lyns besides the fact that bns lyns look more like little girls then the elins do. Me personally I play both games and even though i play both dosen’t mean i chose one over the other. Although just because they making a new class and that it’s for a certain race dosen’t mean you have to get all upset about it. That’s you just being ignorant.

  3. i quit this game, because gameforge is shit. the endgame is shit. alot of people have quit this game. the rest of the people were wrapped around the finger,they are blind. wait for b&s

  4. i quit too it is good game on begining but kinda get bored fast
    noting special combat is action but you need ages to kill one monster graphic is good too but gameplay is simular to all others games today ….

  5. I quit playing Tera a long time ago after I already made a toon to lvl60, even if they put up a new class, its generic looooong chain quests makes me bored even with the next gen action gameplay its not enough to make me go back to it. Aura Kingdom is my only hope now, questing is short and easy and the game features are really well thought out for an mmorpg.

  6. tera is good i give her props for keeping me ocupide at max lvl for a 3 weeks.I cant find any mmo game that has intresting late game content out of bordom i had to make new carracter and lvl him to 60.For me this game has anoying and boring late game conntent so im not going back ther again

  7. Srsly you are all stupid. If you had even a little bit of intelligence left you would have read what devs said about the class restriction for Elins. Do your research first before you vomit your nonsense here.

  8. I quit the game because of the elin shit. If you not an Elin you’r at a disatvantage and now they get a new class. BS game…

  9. The thing is there had been a lack of enjoyment in the game since post-wonderholme (k = dark magicians fortress), since that patch was all grind and grind which are obviously what koreans enjoy (stereotype), they brought in a new class ‘reaper’ (k = flying swords), the development for the animations for each class would take them at least 8 months minimal and they wanted to release the class as early as possible which an option popped up for developing it on the most popular race ‘elin’.
    New and more challenging dungeons have come out (mchm too op, still harder than whhm coz people lack skill over gear).

  10. This class is Elin specific for now, it will be available for other races in the future, they just started with Elin to test out and because Elin is the most used race in Tera

  11. They should have “westernized” it by not adding Ellin in the first place. As a grown man i can not see myself playing as a little girl so if they keep this race restriction you have lost my interest. But seriously if you removed Ellin then no complaints from me asians may like that kind of thing but i dont.

  12. Note to everyone at the end of this article is has only been teased in Korea. They may westernize it by taking out the class restriction and maybe even let you level it all the way up just more exp boosters for them to sell ;D

  13. i was actually thinking of giving this game another try when i get a graphics card so i can play it on highest settings, but now that i saw that, i dont wanna play this game ever

  14. 40+ GB…..F*CK YOU!!! I WAS AROUND 2 DAY WITH COMPUTER DOWNLOADING… and here´s my f*cking opinion about the f-KING game yea its the king-FU+king: graphics [9] customization [6] first impression [8] mid game (level 10-25) [4] (repetitive and same boring quest+had to walk a lot)- late game [didnt tried] (maybe bad)… ok this is just another pay to win game… BUT WAIT. IT HAS 40+ GB TO DOWNLOAD- stuning graphics (yeah!)-poorly combat sistems (its funny how sh1t it is) did i say it has to download 40+GB?

        • It’s not a case of having a fast internet. It’s a case of having a decent internet.
          You dont have a decent internet connection.

          • Depending on where you live, decent internet costs $$$ and lots of it. Smaller rural towns are a good example of that, want higher than 5-10mbs? good luck, even if it’s available you’re gonna be shelling out money for it.

    • Firstly, calm down when you type you look silly. Secondly, Mid game is not 10-25… do you even know what the max level is… Thirdly, do you think with better graphic that it going to take less space? Lastly, the combat system is fine get over it. Sorry but the combat system is fine for the players who like action combat controls.
      Now I hope everything is sorted out. Next time think before you type! K-Bye <3

    • Guy ,if you don’t love it you can explain it with no caps ,actually i love the game,maybe it’s your computer ,the game is really beautifull !Ok it take 2 days to download ,but look at other mmo with 30 GO ,it take the same time (SWTOR,WOW…) so don’t be like dat with this game is not bad .

    • Ive played this game off and on since launch… Honestly they’ve made leveling in this game a breeze since they started handing out back to back orange weapons all the way up. I hit 40 over my weekend… Combat is good if you know how to play an action combat #MMO its much more fast pace than neverwinter and every update added end game and more PvP. Its my wildstar placeholder 🙂

    • what??? i download this game in 2 H
      go f@cuk your ipc !!!! poor combat system????hahahaha funny think ever!
      da to walk alot??? -_- take mount then ! its free idiot !


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