Darktide Developers Dissect The New Talent Trees For Each Class Ahead Of Patch #13

Take a look at the changes, including combat and blitz abilities as well as keystone talents.

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Warhammer 40K Darktide Psyker

Fatshark provided an in-depth look at the new talent trees for each class in Warhammer 40K Darktide, along with their combat abilities, blitz abilities, and keystone talents. This overhaul goes live this week when the Xbox version of the game also releases.

The Veteran class contains both ranged and melee playstyles. Its talent tree offers flexibility, allowing players to choose between various build options, such as ranged damage, suppression immunity, resilience, and melee configurations. This also includes features like ammo management and extra grenades.

The Zealot class emphasizes melee gameplay and support for the team. It can act as anchors, providing buffs and control over enemies. Zealot’s talent tree also offers a more stealthy and backstab-oriented playstyle, with throwing knives, stealth abilities, and mutators focused on mobility and headshots.

The Psyker class focuses on managing the Peril meter while using force powers. Its talent tree encourages customization and interaction with Perils. Psykers also have various blitz abilities for crowd control and single-target damage. The addition of a shield ability is a significant change that can be used for defensive, offensive, or tactical purposes.

The Ogryn class is designed for melee combat, drawing aggro from enemies and offering team protection. It has a taunt ability and the "Point-Blank Barrage" ability to enhance their ranged weapon capabilities. Ogryn’s talent tree includes keystone talents that provide significant bonuses to different playstyles.

These changes go into effect with Patch #13, which goes live on October 4.

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