In about an hour or so, Dauntless‘ Patch OB 0.6.9 will be up and running. This means that players will finally get the chance to hunt a new Behemoth — the Boreus. The Boreus is a frost-powered Behemoth from the heart of the Maelstrom, with the ability to control flying minions. These smaller beasts protect the Boreus and are definitely going to make players work even harder to take down the massive beast.

Don’t be distracted by how cute they are, one of the Boreus’ tiny minions explodes.

Also included in the new update will be a new loadout screen, a new coin based currency known as “Rams”, and an all-new Hunt Pass: Overgrowth. The update also brings some hammer changes and general quality of life changes. A full rundown on all the changes is available in the patch notes on the Dauntless site.

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  1. Can be good game but controls are unplayable, in the heat of fight you need timing and press right combinations of difficult combos. Game died for me and all my friends after first try. RIP !

    • yeah the game has issues with balance and controls, but unfortunately I don’t expect this game to get any better because instead of fixing it, they instead went for greed


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