Dauntless Closing The Vault, Opening Progressive Reward Cache

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Amassing all the coolest loot in Dauntless can be ... well, daunting. Fortunately, Phoenix Labs is looking to add a new way for intrepid Slayers to give them another way to keep that loot flowing in a steady manner: the Reward Cache.

The Reward Cache will offer new items "every couple weeks," making available rewards that you can purchase with currency earned from daily and weekly challenges. The rewards will build up over the course of a season, before all rotating out at the end of the season, whereupon the cycle starts anew. They'll include past seasonal items like the Vault has held, along with a bevy of new items.

All Slayers can plunder the Reward Cache, but Phoenix Labs is adding a Slayer's Club membership, purchased with Platinum, that comes in one-, three-, seven-, and 30-day flavors. Members of the Club enjoy double currency rewards from daily and weekly challenges, +25% charged aether from Escalations, and +20% weapon experience from Behemoth kills.

This means that the Vault itself will soon be closing its doors for good. Vault Coins in players' inventories will be converted into Reward Cache seasonal currency on April 8. To commemorate this auspicious event, Gregario's Vault Sale will take place from March 25 to April 7, with nearly 100 items being offered for Vault Coins in one final blowout bash.

The Hunt Pass and Elite Hunt Pass will be unaffected by these changes. For more on the Reward Cache, check out the State of Dauntless report on Reddit -- which also discloses that the Radiant Season starts on April 8, when the changes come into effect.

Before all that happens, you can try out private hunts in Dauntless. These let you control who you play with, whether alone or with "a few trusted friends." Those arrive in the 1.5.5 update on Thursday, March 11.

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