The open beta for Dauntless is almost here, and Phoenix Labs has a massive update planned for next week in anticipation of its arrival. Seeking The Horizon arrives on the closed beta servers May 2 and redefines progression while adding a reputation system and introducing the story campaign.

With the update, players will be able to earn reputation with one of three characters in the game, seeking the path of the Slayer, Weaponmaster, or Alchemist. Each NPC offers a weekly quest and two daily quests, granting players special cells, weapons, and consumables. You’ll have more choice in choosing your hunts, too, with options for “patrol” (pick a zone, grants bonus rewards), “expedition” (pick an island, good for gathering), and “pursuit” (pick a specific Behemoth), and there’s a new world map to help you plan your hunts.

What else is new? How about “New armour set bonuses, new gear keywords, an overhauled cell system, and the ability to re-socket cells”? There are also new side quests, island rotation, new Dire Behemoths, and new exotic weapons and armor, which come with a transmog system to help you look your best while sporting the best gear, stat-wise.

Such massive changes clearly necessitate an account reset, and that’s going to be the case on May 2. Another reset will occur on May 22, two days before the open beta goes live, with players getting additional rewards based on their progress that will carry over to the open beta after that date.

Learn more about this big update in the blog post on the Dauntless site.

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