Dauntless Armor

Want your Slayer to look cool in Dauntless? You’ll have to do some work for it — perhaps in the literal sense.

The latest dev diary for Dauntless is all about customization. You’ll use the various body parts from the behemoths you slay to create fantastic-looking armor. Once you’ve got the perfect fit, you can color it up with your favorite dyes or finishes to give it that perfect gleam.

Armor does affect your stats in game, but you can also discover rare cosmetic equipment that you can “transmog” over your existing armor to get that screenshot-perfect look. But don’t worry; even with transmog effects, you’ll still be able to judge your fellow slayers’ combat capabilities. Other options for customization include flares and banners.

Of course, being a free-to-play game means Dauntless will also sell things on its shop. These will come in the form of Chroma Cores, which can contain “bundles of cosmetic items that you can use to personalize your slayer.” So if you want to look great in the game, work at improving your skills or — well, work, and earn that paycheck.

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    • Have you ever played Monster Hunter? The game this is based around? You have to work for your armor. There are a lot of cool looking sets that just take time to farm for.


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