It’s getting chilly in Dauntless, and Slayers are keeping warm by basking in the blood of their enemies, including a new one that’s terrorizing the frozen island of Kaltauga. Linnea Silver, the Queen of Skaldeskar, has sent out a distress call that you can respond to if you’ve reached Milestone VI on the Slayer’s Path. That’s the prime piece of new content in Update 1.5.2, which went live last week and also added the first steps of a pair of new legendary weapons: the Exquisite Sunburn sword and the Wreath of Shadows helm.

The update also added five new nodes in the weapon reforging section of the Slayer’s Path, which can increase the amount of weapon XP earned from Behemoth kills. For even more rewards, check out the new Ragnar’s Folly and The Burning Heights hunt passes, for frost-coated armor or more of a “desert barbarian” look, respectively. Those are available until February 4, and you can learn more about them on the Dauntless site.

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