Last week, we reported on the Kickstarter for Dawngate, the MOBA that was abandoned by Electronic Arts in 2014. In doing so, we wondered about the Kickstarter’s creator, Todd Wolven, who graciously reached out to us to answer some of the questions we posed.

Wolven told us that Wayfinder Studios is “a hobbyist studio at this current point,” with 12 volunteer members spread out over five different countries. The team’s been put together over four years and Wayfinder plans to add a Game Design Lead and “a larger team once more funds have been dedicated to the project.”

Even if those funds are gathered, I wondered, will EA be interested in giving up the property? Wolven admitted that that’s been a rocky road, with “six denials we got at first from multiple people over the last nine months,” though at this time they’ve “already secured an informal agreement for the exclusive licensing rights to Dawngate.” Whether that “informal” agreement will transition into something more secure is still an open question.

All in all, though, Wolven and the rest of his team are fans who want the opportunity to enjoy their favorite game:

“Clearly, there is a demand for the product, and everyone here at Wayfinder is most interested in the prospect of playing Dawngate more than anything. This is a passion project for all of us, and while unfortunately the world does revolve around money, we don’t really care about that … We all just want to play Dawngate again.”


  1. There are 3 MOBAs as far as I’m concerned:

    – LoL
    – DoTA 2
    – SMITE

    Other than that I don’t see another MOBA becoming popular enough to justify its own existence. MOBA can’t really be innovated beyond this point. The mechanics in LoL and DoTA 2 are already fun enough for the people who play them, SMITE makes it like a 3rd person Hero Arena and the only thing that comes to mind that hasn’t been done successfully is an FPS MOBA. Other than that, the genre is set in stone and any company that tries to push a MOBA into the market in 2020 are out of touch and stupid.

  2. “Clearly, there is a demand for the product”
    Nah, just your imagination playing tricks due to all the isolation.

    “and everyone here at Wayfinder is most interested in the prospect of playing Dawngate more than anything”
    Go right ahead, don’t let us keep you from it! 😀

    “and while unfortunately the world does revolve around money,”
    “we don’t really care about that”
    Hahahahahahahaha, oh, you were serious?

    • @Urthemiel

      I think the “clearly, there is a demand for the product” was referring to the fact it met the goal it needed on kickstarter.

      However this game was “OK” at best. The queue time took like 10 minutes. Nothing will change. Not worth bringing back will have same fate after a couple of months.

  3. I would def want to play as well. Even though this is the first time I’ve ever heard of dawngate, I see it has something unique to offer to the MOBA industry.


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