EQ2 Guild Hall

Another day, another pricy item (or two) in a free-to-play game’s cash shop that’s making players rend their garments in anguish.

Today’s culprits are the Highold and Skyshrine Capital Guild Halls in EverQuest 2, which can be had for 350 or 400 of a special kind of ticket, respectively. Those tickets, of course, each cost $1 in Daybreak cash, putting the price of the Guild Hall at $350 or $400 — or a little less if you’ve bought DBC at a discount or have lots saved up from the stipend you get from being a subscriber for some length of time.

You can also buy tickets that other people put up for sale for in-game currency, though that means the tickets will still have to be purchased by someone for real money, or at least DBC. Hey, at least they’re not gated by RNG lootboxes!

Naturally, a $350+ “micro”transaction has some players up in arms. There’s an 18-page (and counting) thread on the EQ2 forums that hits on all the usual points: it’s a cash grab, hey it’s only cosmetic, EQ2 is dying, a big guild can get the money from multiple players, this is awful I quit.

Maybe the biggest damage, though, is the PR hit and rifts something like this causes in the community. For an aging game like EverQuest 2, that can be severely damaging, but maybe the game is in such a state that the powers that be don’t care about the “social” damage that can’t be accounted for on a ledger, as long as it brings in the money.

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  1. I remember chatting with a buddy while playing EQ2 in Beta. He was talking about a game named WoW, I wasn’t sure why he was wasting his time on a game that could never match Everquest’s stature.

    SOE let the EQ franchise get smacked off the top of the hill where it’s MMO market crashed so far down they sold off to this trash company. Everything Daybreak is an obvious money grab.

    WoW will one day topple due to Blizzard’s arrogance. But today is a day we mourn for EQ2 and “what could have been”

  2. EQ…… one of the best now one of the rest….. nothing special about it…. another good game killed by the greed.

  3. World of Warcraft is in deep darkness as the other MMO games out there on the list.
    The MMO Games is going down the hole.

  4. It’s sad that the EQ franchise which was at one point the flagship and iconic title of the MMO industry and a direct inspiration for massive franchises such as WoW can fall so far away from grace.
    First from the negligence of SOE and now succeeded by the blatantly corrupt company Daybreak, which has been destroying many other games it acquired from SOE.


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