Daybreak Game Company has trademarked yet another studio name, possibly in anticipation of finding a home for its various game properties. The new one is called Golden Age Studios, and it was applied for just eight days ago, on July 10, as discovered by MassivelyOP.

The new studio joins several others that were trademarked in June, as well as Bronze Age Studios, which came about in February. Given the two names and their reference to comic book “eras,” one would think that they’ll be related to DC Universe Online in some way.

If you prefer playing DCUO to reading about it, you can hop in now to take on the Tides of War event, which runs from today until July 26. Battle Aquaman’s villainous half-brother, Ocean Master, and earn new feats and summer-themed auras and cosmetic styles. Learn more about the event on the DC Universe Online site.


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