There might be more in store for Daybreak Game Company than just a few new trademarks. Podcaster @MSandersonD discovered a new LLC under the name of “Daybreak Game Studios” that was registered in Delaware the same day as Darkpaw Games and Rogue Planet Games:

In further comments on that Twitter thread he theorizes that the changes could be for “getting away from the Daybreak name,” “tax and liability issues,” and, when asked if it could be about money laundering, “I was thinking more bankruptcy.”

Given the names of the two companies, it seems like some kind of split, possibly similar to how Hi-Rez Studios has all of its games under different subcompanies, is in order soon. We theorize that “Rogue Planet” would probably cover PlanetSide 2 and PlanetSide Arena, if it ever launches, while Darkpaw Games is clearly a reference to the Darkpaw Gnolls of EverQuest lore, and that company would cover those games. DC Universe Online and H1Z1 — as well as any upcoming new games that might be in development — might fall under the generic “Daybreak” banner.

Alternatively, we’ve found another Daybreak trademark that sounds like it could be a company: Bronze Age Studios, which was registered in February 2018 and received an extension last month. Whatever happens, we wonder if Daybreak will tell us the truth about it this time.


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