It seems like we’ve been tracking what Daybreak Game Company is up to with its next project for years now. Technically, it’s only been just over a year, with our first hint coming from job listings in August 2016 (“AAA first-person shooter“) and again in May of this year (“free-to-play” “multiplayer RPG”). Based on some newer job postings, we might not have too much longer to wait to find out what’s in store.

The Daybreak Careers page lists several posts for unannounced projects (possibly the same project?) in both Austin and San Diego. In San Diego, there’s a need for artists and a Narrative Designer “to work on a new exciting unannounced AAA title based on a popular world-class IP” and an Art Director “for a soon to be announced, all new project.” Granted, this being the gaming world, “soon” could mean next week or six months from now.

In Austin, there’s a need for a Senior Character Artist who can create “highly detailed realistic characters and creatures” and “high resolution photo realistic 3D sculpts of organic/hard surface characters/creatures/weapons/props.” That would seem to indicate a more realistic-looking shooter (like H1Z1) than a cartoony RPG (like EverQuest) — or if you want to go the hero shooter route, maybe more LawBreakers than Overwatch, at least as character design goes. Daybreak Austin also needs a Combat Designer who can create “multiplayer, RPG, action-based game systems” and a Content Designer who can “design and document exciting missions within the framework of a popular, established IP.”

So what’s this popular IP? A new EverQuest game obviously springs to mind, but even if that’s the case, I don’t think this is a revival of EverQuest Next. That ship has sailed and is probably too big of a project for DBG to undertake. San Diego’s where the unannounced shooter game was reportedly in development, so maybe a shooter based on a popular IP? Let the speculation run wild!


  1. Warhammer 40K anyone? Daybreak certainly looks like a company Games Wrokshop would entrust with a license. As in they are likely to do a poor job and / or kill the project mid-development as per usual with WH40K games (especially shooters).

    Nah, it’s probably something way more lame and boring…


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