Valentine’s Day is upon us, and apparently even Gotham City can’t resist the call of romance. Of course, they can’t celebrate it like normal people with chocolates, flowers, wine, and bad romantic comedies. Instead, they have to break out the big guns and use crystals that can be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands — say, like Mr. Freeze’s — to get the holiday rolling.

As is often the case with these things, the entire city is at risk, and it’s your job to stop it — in the 4-Player seasonal event, Love’s Battlefield.

To take part in the event, you’ll need to track the quests “A Glowing Love” or “Cold, Cold Heart,” for Heroes and Villains respectively. Then go speak to Hal Jordan in the Gotham East End Police Station Safehouse or Mister Freeze in the Gotham North Burnley Nightclub Safehouse. While there, grab the “Get Your Heart Racing” race mission at the terminals.

Of course, the event comes with new feats — “Love is in the Lair” and “Charmed, I’m Sure”. There are also plenty of special items you can pick up at the Valentine’s Vendor; clothing, candies, and base items.

More information on the Valentine’s event can be found on the DC Universe Online site.

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