DC Universe Online‘s next few updates are filled with all kinds of content, including new Water powers and two more episodes — one in which there is no Batman in Gotham City. This revelation comes as part of a tease for content being released in August, September, and November.

The first update, being released on August 30, will add the new Water powerset, which contains abilities inspired by Aquaman, Mera, and Aqualad. Players will be able to bend water, manipulate the tides, and more. The powerset will be both healer and damage and will focus on commanding water.

The first episode, Riddled With Crime, takes players into an out of control Gotham City. The Caped Crusader is nowhere to be found and the Riddler has declared war on the Joker. It’s up to the players to find Batman and get things back under control.

The other episode involves a bit of cross dimensional-travel with Alexander Luthor coming from Earth 3 to ask the Justice League for help.

Full details on all of this is available in the dev post on the DCUO site.

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