Lockboxes of a sort are coming to Daybreak Game Company’s superhero MMO, DC Universe Online. Named Time Capsules, these containers will start appearing in the game with Update 63. These Capsules are filled with a variety of items including styles, auras, collections, and gear, including Future Crusader’s Gear, Lantern Corps Emblems, Misted Auras, and more.

As with most lockbox-based content, players will be able to acquire Time Capsules through normal gameplay, as drops from enemies. And, as expected, a key — or in this case, “Stabilizer” — will be required to open them. These Stabilizers can be bought in the game Marketplace for 100 Daybreak Cash (if you’re on the PC) or Marketplace Cash (for those on consoles).

For the more thrifty among us, it is possible to get a Stabilizer together through gameplay. This is done by finding Stabilizer Fragments, which can be pieced together to build a full Stabilizer. Fragments can now be obtained via the new duo event, “Suicide Squad Training,” which can be found in the Events tab. The duo event can be done once per day per account and nets a free player three, a premium player four, and a member six Fragments. It takes 15 Stabilizer Fragments to make a full Stabilizer.

More details on the Time Capsules and the Suicide Squad Duo Event are available on the DCUO website.

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