Neverwinter’s not the only D&D MMO getting a heaping helping of Elemental Evil this month. Turbine just went live with update 25 for Dungeons & Dragons Online, which kicks off a whole month of Elemental Evil-themed content, including “DDO’s largest dungeon ever made.”

Update 25: Reign of Elemental Evil sends adventurers into the classic D&D module, which features four individual temples, each dedicated to the four elements, and populated by deadly cultists, randomized traps, and a crazed wizard. And as a special bonus, the somewhat less-crazed Wil Wheaton will serve as your dungeon master, with hidden journals spread throughout the temple that unlock commentary by the actor/writer/ubergeek.

This update also buffs rogues, shaking up their progression trees, and kicks off the first of four special weeks, Fire Week, wherein players get +20% bonuses to Heroic and Epic Quest XP, with an additional 5% bonus for VIPs, who receive the entire update for free. You can find full details here.

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    • Your comment is flat out dumb and ignorant. Have you even played ddo before, or are you just hating on turbine because you can? I have been playing ddo since 2010, and there is nothing p2w about it bevause you can unlock every area, class, and race simply by playing the game, although it could take a little bit of grinding; then again, how will a game company make money if they just give out everything for free? I have unlocked more content just playing the game as compared to spending money on it. Also, ddo does have lasting appeal with a ton of endgame content and true reincarnation, the latter being unique to ddo in the realm of MMOs and the reason why I got so addicted to it in the first place; you can look it up if you so desire.

      • It would probably take a couple decades to unlock all the races classes and areas if you didn’t spend money though.

        Back when I played DDO I knew a guy who literally did pay2win. He played a sorcerer and would dominate dungeons because he bought a crap ton of mana potions in the store.

        Not a big deal anyway, it’s a pve game and definitely has entertainment value. Even the content that you get off the bat for free is pretty good.


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