Remember Eberron? It’s where Dungeons & Dragons Online was originally set, but recent adventures have taken players all over the D&D multiverse. This spring, Standing Stone Games will send players back to Eberron’s techno-magical streets, as well as digitizing a classic, decades-old, D&D adventure.

Update 38 arrives in the spring, sending players back to Stormreach to work with the healers of House Jorasco to combat a plague that’s sweeping through the city. The new adventure pack will be a level 14 (Heroic) or level 31 (Legendary) adventure, depending on your difficulty level.

When summer rolls around, players will travel to White Plume Mountain, in the DDO version of a D&D module from 1979. It will arrive in an adventure pack that includes other stand-alone dungeons themed around wizards and arcane environments.

There’s plenty more to be found in the Producer’s Letter for DDO, including a 12th anniversary event, other updated events, and the teasing of “an announcement about an adventure that has been on many of our players’ wish lists for years.” You can read it on the DDO site.



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