Dungeons & Dragons Online gets a meaty content boost today, with Update 32: Against the Slave Lords, which is now live. Players can embark on this classic D&D adventure by speaking with NPCs in the Hall of Heroes.

Against the Slave Lords adds three new dungeons to the game, as well as reworking Cannith Crafting and introducing a bunch of new named items with charming titles such as “Executioner’s Docent,” “Slave Rags,” and my personal favorite, “Mutilator of Minds.” The update also features the voice work of Travis Willingham, known (to me, at least) for his roles in Fullmetal Alchemist and Mushi-shi.

You can read the update’s full release notes on the DDO site and check out the livestream demo video at the top of this post for an in-game look at the new content.

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  1. HHH on September 13, 2016

    I’m not a fan of this game but I got one thing I wanna ask. I thought this was just a board game. You mean this is an actual MMO now?

    • Terrorlaxen on September 13, 2016

      This mmo is really really old, it came out febuary 2006 haha

    • HHH on September 13, 2016

      No wonder why I never heard of it lol. I was 2 young to remember or even hear about it’s release date.