Deceive Inc. Addresses Issues With Upper Echelon Update In Recent Blog Post

Echelon issues are being looked at, the lack of the Yu-Mi changes are addressed, and the Health UI is being tweaked.

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Deceive Inc. Issues

Deceive Inc.’s recent Upper Echelon update hasn’t been received as well as it could be. This is mostly due to issues with the Echelon system that resulted in some players skipping ranks while others lagged behind, among other issues. According to a post on the game’s Steam page, Sweet Bandits Studios is addressing these issues. Some with more speed than others. The Echelon system is actively being worked on now.

Another issue players had in the deduction shooter was the lack of love given to Yu-Mi this time around. Yu-Mi has a history of being the game’s “worst performing” character and players would like to see that fixed. According to the post, the developers wanted to give her some time before making any more adjustments. Plus, their energy was taken up by the upper echelons. That said, Yu-Mi will be getting some love in the future.

In addition to Yu-Mi, the dev team is taking another pass at the spyglass as well. They’ll actually be rolling it back in a hotfix soon.

Finally, players’ complaints about the Health UI have been heard. An upcoming hotfix will bring back the notches and bigger numbers so that it's easier to read.

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