Deceive Inc. Combat Overhaul Deep Dive Looks At Making Combat More Satisfying And Approachable

The upcoming combat changes look promising.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Deceive Inc. Combat Overhaul Deep Dive

Deceive Inc. unveiled a new deep dive look into its upcoming combat changes today and in it we get a glimpse of what is coming in a later update.

First up are the shooter's visual updates, which aim to improve the combat's feel and make it more satisfying and approachable for players. The improvements remove the "slowed down" feeling of some weapons and match the fire rate and reload speeds of weapons much better.

Recoil and damage falloff are also getting a pass in this update, with recoil being reduced and smoothed out in gameplay. This will make tracking targets much easier, but to compensate, damage falloff will become a much bigger part of the game.

Melee is also getting a bit of love with collision being added between two out-of-cover spies. Currently in the game spies phase through each other when they get close, making melee fights difficult. This change should address that and make melee more deadly and predictable.

Also on the table are better directional hit indicators and a controller aim-assist rework. It all sounds like things are moving in the right direction for Deceive Inc., and I for one am looking forward to the changes.

This is just the beginning of the combat overhaul and there's more nitty gritty to get into in the full post.

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