Trion Worlds has now launched the “Aftermath” in its free-to-play shooter, Defiance. Taking place just after the events of the Season 2 TV finale, Aftermath adds new events that span both Paradise and Silicon Valley. Seven new missions have been added, including 3 instanced missions, and new story maps have been introduced.

Ark hunters will have to contend with “Echelon’s machinations in a bunker deep beneath the Presidio, face Nujekpe and his mercenaries at Eren’s last stand, and delve deep into a huge arkfall buried below Silicon Valley.”

Aftermath also introduces the Defiance Thanksgiving event that allows players to face Bioman and earn some spiffy themed rewards. Can you say “weaponized turkey?”

You can check out the full dev blog for more details and the addition of emotes and callouts to your quick menu (a nice step for a game that badly needs a grouping/communicating overhaul.)

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  1. Spending money a 2nd time for a lost cause of naming Character a 3rd time.

    I had a problem in the Defiance game and sent 1 ticket today: Erdag Ahmet Yilmaz Today 17:29 “Hello. I need help with Defiance. I already bought 2 times the rename item from the Defiance shop and other peoples have way longer chara names than mine and the name I want to use is not reserved or insulting but I can still not change it into the name I want to use.”
    Then I answered my own ticket with another informational comment:Erdag Ahmet Yilmaz Today 17:44 “As I wanted to make a screenshot of my situation and pressed for window mode during the 2nd time renaming as I described with Alt+Enter like described here it finished accidently the 2nd renaming try. This game sucks but don’t worry I will delete my account which I spent a little more than 100 Euros tomorrow morning „smile“-Emoticon , renaming doesn’t work the 3rd time and I already bought at least 2 times renaming item from Defiance shop. The name is not insulting and nor reserved.” They gave me in the support chat later the opportunity to get my bits(real game money in the game) back, but as it was my 3rd attempt and 2nd time buying the renaming item from the Defiance shop I will delete my Defiance account tomorrow morning as I spent over 100 euro into this account for that game and this ingame naming problem is still there since the beginning of my first character creation. My second character had the Last Name that I wanted to give to my first character in the beginning, too. You can keep the money, byebye. The only occasion where I had problem with the Defiance game.

  2. used to play it. enjoy it so hard.

    pure f2p who outshine people who pay.(literally)

    until certain changes… im so pissed. very small , high impact.

  3. Actually enjoyed this one, It’s f2p Model didn’t feel like it hindered me not once. I’ll have to redownload this game and check out what’s going on with it lately. Haven’t played in about 4 months, Population looks great still based on the forums.


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