Between now and May 7th, Defiance players can earn 100% boosts for XP, Rep, and Score. These boosts part of Event Horizon which introduces new pursuits for players to complete and earn Valor points that can later be transferred to Defiance 2050, as well as extra EGO points.

The pursuits included in Event Horizon — and their rewards — are as follows:

Expedition Specialist (5 EGO/Achievement points)

  • Complete 15 Expeditions above Tier 25 during Event Horizon

Event Horizon : Event Expert (5 EGO/Achievement Score)

  • Complete 25 Major Arkfalls, Sieges, or Incursions during Event Horizon

Event Horizon : Faction Guru (5 EGO/Achievement Score)

  • Complete 20 Contracts during Event Horizon

Event Horizon Completionist (40 EGO/Achievement Score)

  • Complete all Event Horizon Pursuits

For those not familiar with Valor points, they’re part of Trion’s plan to reward long time Defiance players when they start playing Defiance 2050. It also seems to be working as a way to get new players to want to spend time in Defiance before the shift happens. I’m not sure how the latter is working out for them, although I’d guess there are a few curious people taking advantage of it.

Speaking of Defiance 2050. Trion will be running another closed beta test for the game this weekend, starting Friday April 27. If you’re interested in participating, be sure you’ve signed up on the Defiance 2050 site.

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