Defiance Expeditions

If nothing else, Defiance has some of the most creative names working in the MMO business. I’m not talking about the people’s creativity, but the creativeness of their actual names. Not that they aren’t creative guys, mind you…

Trick Dempsey is stepping down from his role as Defiance’s Creative Lead, passing the role on to Carble “LoCarb” Cheung. As Dempsey and Cheung — can I call you guys Trick and Carble? — laid out in their joint farewell/hello letter, Cheung’s been with Trion Worlds since 2008, working on Rift, and transferred to the Defiance team in 2013.

Both are looking forward to Expeditions, a series of tiered challenges with challenging bosses that increase in difficulty depending on Ark Hunters’ EGO rating. Just watch out who you join: lower-EGO Ark Hunters won’t be boosted up to the level of their higher-EGO partners.

Cheung also confirms that Season 3 content is on the way for the game, along with a new enemy type and “some love to out PvP players.” He closes by hinting at a community event at PAX East in Boston next month, so if you’re going, you can get the word direct from the man himself!

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  1. Well they need to a hell of alot more to get back a playerbase.
    Sad to say this is one of the worst game i ever bought not saying u dont get like 3 hours worth of fun out of it the first time u fire it up, then when u realize that there is nothing else to do then listen to people read the bible in the instances or join the AWSOME PVP sections that totally suck… u know ur in for a world of hurt.. but wait there is more.. Missions u can grind over and over to get loot not better then the shit u allready got..

    Forget item sets or cool stuff you whanna collect, hell forget anything that might make a game fun just throw in stuff on random and look and see what people do with it..

    Ohhh and dont forget play the game and have impact on the TV series(Biggest lie ever) parts of me just wish i could send these guys a pinapple im sure they know what to do with it.


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