Well… Almost everywhere. It’s obviously not on PlayStation or Switch. But, the good news for PC players that have been waiting (im)patiently to play Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, is that you’re not stuck with the Windows Store for some indeterminate amount of time. That’s right, as of today, the game is also available on Steam, Xbox, and the Epic Games Store. It’s (almost) everywhere you want to be.

Although, be warned. You may have a hard time getting in. At the moment, not all ships are open to players. One through four are open while five and six are closed. On top of that, one through three are already full, and four is crowded (according to Magickmann, who is attempting to get in as I type.) There are no queues, so it’s likely you’ll just get a “could not log in that ship is full” message. Best bet: Turn on a good show and just try every so often, until you get in.

Of course, since this is launch day, there’s a lot going on. The period leading up to the launch had been pushed back a few times. That’s not surprising with this kind of thing. But now that it’s here, there’s plenty to do including launch event activities. Some are simple log-in events, offering rewards for logging in during the campaign period, including Rappy head-mounts. Speaking of rewards, players will also receive special items for logging in for the first time. The items vary by platform (not just from Xbox to PC but also between the various platforms on PC) and the full list can be found here.

For those who are prone to hammering their way through a game, this next event is for you. The Rocket Start Campaign is a series of campaigns that rewards players for things like clearing the game’s current story content before July 6, achieving a certain class level in that same period, adding users to your friends list, and joining an alliance (all by July 6). Players will also receive additional log-in rewards for logging in every day over a period of two weeks.

A full rundown of events, as well as information on the game’s first AC scratch ticket can be found on the New Genesis site. If you haven’t already downloaded the game, you can also find the links to all available options there as well.

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  1. For some reason i thought it would release much later on Steam. I’m downloading it now, thanks for letting me know šŸ˜€


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