Apex Legends is having a good week, and also a bad week. The Legacy update went live yesterday, adding Arenas, new high-flying legend Valkyrie, an infection on the Olympus map, and more. All the new content has proven extremely popular, pushing Apex’s Steam concurrency to hits highest yet, just a shade below 300,000 players as of this writing.

That’s the good stuff. On the bad side, those numbers could be even higher if everyone who wanted to play Apex Legends could. The game’s servers struggled under the strong demand, to the point that Respawn Entertainment’s official Twitter account had to provide a few updates on stability. Things were eventually resolved late last night and Respawn reported that “Apex Legends: Legacy is now officially live.”

Want more of the good? How about Respawn highlighting the artistic contributions of fans with a pair of community-oriented initiatives? The first is called Community Created, and it will see Respawn commissioning artists among its fans “to create bespoke, earnable cosmetic items ranging from loading screens to weapon charms and more.” Those creations will be awarded to players via Twitch Drops, in a manner yet to be announced.

In addition, over the next 10 weeks, Respawn will release one comic set in the Apex universe each week, drawn by members of the community. The first is titled “The Legacy Antigen – Prologue,” drawn by JEL, and is in the game now. Respawn plans to compile all the comics in a single location for easy viewing at some point in the future.


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