Season 13 of Destiny 2 is coming up soon, and it will bring back the popular Umbral Engrams from last year’s Season 11, a.k.a. Season of Arrivals. Umbral Engrams can drop from a number of sources and you can toss them into your Spectral Recaster to better fine-tune the reward to a drop of your choice.

That will, in itself, require a bit of work as you will need to acquire Prismatic Lenses for your Recaster that will allow you to target a narrower collection of gear or specific armor stats. Still, regardless of how it works — and Bungie will have more details later — it’s a nice way to make it so players have more control over their loot.

Bungie is also planning to make good on its promises to limit FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with limited time content, allowing for many activities to stick around until the end of Year 4, rather than just for a single season. One of those is the Hawkmoon exotic quest, which just got a new activity this week to let you earn a catalyst for the handcannon.

Also in the works is a change to titles, letting you bling out, or “gild,” your titles by fulfilling additional achievements. Learn more about this and the rest of what’s coming to (and leaving) Destiny 2 in the This Week At Bungie post.

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