Destiny 2 Offers Updates On Drop Rates, Crafting, And Time Commitments

Dev team is "very happy with the smooth launch of the Witch Queen."

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Destiny 2 Witch Queen Weapon Trailer

While Destiny 2's latest expansion has received generally favorable reviews -- 87% positive on Steam and 90 (critic) or 9.0 (fans) on Metacritic -- not everything about the Witch Queen has been perfect. Recognizing that, Game Director Joe Blackburn addressed some of the most significant issues facing the game in a long Twitter thread, in an effort "to give some quick updates on where our head is at with some week 1 reactions."

As might be expected for a looter shooter, the means and time required to acquire loot is the most pressing issue Blackburn addressed. He and his team "aren't super happy with how unpredictable it can be to complete Report: Relic Data for the Evidence Board quest chain." They're also "monitoring the time commitment for unlocking and upgrading crafted weapons" and will be making it easier to get drops in the Wellspring in a patch next week. "Ascendant Alloy drop rates aren't where we want them" either, Blackburn said, so they'll be getting some fixes in a patch on Thursday.

In conclusion, Blackburn said that they'll be "monitoring several gameplay sandbox elements as we head towards the World First race," focusing on "an interaction that centers around Synthoceps and a few interactions that center around Suppressive glaive as problematic." Those and more will be addressed in the next This Week At Bungie, which usually drops on Thursday.

Overall, Blackburn said that his team was "very happy with the smooth launch of the Witch Queen" and are looking to "start dialing things in to create a solid Year 5 of Destiny 2." If early reviews are any indiciation, that year's off to a good start.

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