Well, that didn’t take long. About six hours after Bungie dropped The Garden of Salvation raid into Destiny 2, a team has officially completed it. For being the first to solve all the puzzles and fight their way through hordes of Vex, the team — consisting of Cyber, Narhzul, Pash, ExBlack, Antivist, and Monks — will receive more than just the World’s First. They’ll also each be given a custom Garden of Salvation championship belt — a real-world item.

As for the other contenders, there are still other rewards to be had. Those who completed the raid within 24 hours of its launch are being gifted an emblem for their profiles. In addition to that, anyone who manages to complete it before October 15 will be allowed to purchase the custom Garden of Salvation bomber jacket. The jacket cost $150, so I guess we’ll see how many people actually pony up for that. It’s a bit difficult to tell the actual quality of the item, but those interested can get a peek at it and the championship belt on Bungie’s site.

Now that the raid has been conquered, the next stage of content has been unlocked, releasing even more Vex in the Moon Patrol Zone. All players can now unlock the Vex Offensive co-op mode by talking to Ikora Rey in the Tower.

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