Want to know more about Warframe‘s next big thing? Of course you do, because Warframe. No wait, not the next big thing, which is the open-world expansion Fortuna, but the next next big thing, called Railjack. PCGamesN was at TennoCon and has some info on the space-faring expansion, which we’ll do our best to summarize below.

Railjack will introduce a new form of space combat to Warframe, with players teaming up to crew a ship, Star Trek-style. The demo mission has you boarding an enemy capital ship, placing a targeting beacon on its core, and then skedaddling out as fast as you can before your ship — the Railjack — blows the whole thing to smithereens.

Using the Railjack will require significant communication between players, more so than in the standard game. That’s not surprising; it takes more than one person to pilot a spaceship, after all. According to PCGamesN, ship commanders can also adjust energy between shields, weaponry, and engines while also keeping an eye on various ship systems like life support and the reactor.

Warframe Creative Director Steve Sinclair is hopeful that Railjack will be playable by the end of the year, but with content of this magnitude — as well as that “other” expansion in the works — it wouldn’t be surprising to see it slip.

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  1. This game could have been one of the giants of his time, but because of some really poor monetary decisions it’s just a niche maintained game.


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