The pre-closed beta test (CBT) for Digimon Masters has begun from August 30 until September 1, giving testers three days to check on the game. A pre-closed beta will be done in order to give all the gamers a pleasant and smooth gaming experience and to make sure a stable and error free journey within the realm of the Digimon when closed beta officially starts.

By opening the portal to the Digital World, we advise gamers to report any bugs or errors that you may encounter within the Digital World; you may post them through the “Bug Report Section” in the official website. Rest assured that all reports shall be noted.

During Pre CBT period the 3-day period on which the Pre CBT will be held may end earlier than scheduled. This is due to the circumstances that we might experience during the Pre CBT period. Also they have prepared a special event prize for 100 lucky “Pre CBT Participants” for details regarding this event check out the “100 Players in style Event” on the event section.

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  1. I am playing the game already, got Agumon to 25. I find the game good, but hella grindy. Also trying to hatch digimon is hella hard, the rate is really low, and if you try hatching with eggs you find from mobs, rather than the ones you get from quest. The you have a high chance to fail. I personally don’t have the patience for the game.

  2. Whenever I try to download this, I try to open the installation link from the site after downloading, but it always shows up as a google sketchup file, and wont launch. Somebody help? I’m not getting any help on the site…

    • No it isn’t from the stone age digimon is a really popular anime which many people like it’s been having new season’s of it getting made from 1999 to today. It beat’s that Pokemon crap with it’s repetitive storyline and games. Digimon is still my favourite anime to today and am looking forward to trying this out. I think any Digimon fan would like this as well as the basic mmorpg player wanting to try something a bit new from what I have seen from the gameplay video’s from the Korean version it should be great with a good variety of Digimon and will be really good once it’s up and running.


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