Warframe developer and publisher Digital Extremes announced today that they have teamed up with iam8bit to create limited edition Warframe collectibles. For a limited time, fans of the game can order a vinyl copy of the game’s soundtrack and/or limited edition collectible art prints signed by the artists.

The soundtrack features 24 remastered tracks from the original score as well as its first cinematic quest, The Second Dream. It also includes a digital download.

The art prints consist of 6×6 inch giclee prints of all 32 Warframes — all drawn by Patricio Betteo. They can be purchased in randomly assorted blind bags of 5 or in a complete set of 32.

Also available are a complete set of enamel pins created from in-game Glyphs.

These new goodies will be available for purchase on the iam8bit store beginning March 17.