Digital Extremes has officially joined the ranks of other companies teaming up with Amazon to offer Twitch Prime users exclusive goodies. Beginning June 29, Warframe players who are also Prime users can get their hands on two Warframes: Frost Prime, and Vistapa Prime Syandana. They’ll also get a Dragon Mod Pack for free. The Prime Syandana is a unique Warframe exclusive to this offer.

This promotion will run for approximately a month — ending on July 26. The really good news for Warframe players is that its not platform specific. Players on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 can all get their hands on these goodies for free.

Full details on the promotion are available on the Warframe site.

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  1. Right now Frost Prime is vaulted and will not come back for a long time,you can not farm him so i will say that “exclusive”is the right thing to say.

    • either way alot of people already crafted him before he was vaulted so this is just a waste of time which is not surprising!

      • Ok true but there still are many others that don’t have Frost Prime.The new players will have a good tank frame to use.

  2. I regret to inform you a Syandana is not a warframe, it is an accessory closely resembling a ‘cape.’ Got me excited there until I saw Syandana :/ Basically just a cosmetic item.

  3. Please edit this, “Vistapa Prime Syandana” is not a warframe, just a cosmetic for your back(the thing on the left of the image)
    Frost Prime is indeed and warframe, but unlike “Vistapa Prime Syandana”, Frost Prime is not exclusive.
    there is no exclusive warframe, just cosmetic.


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