What’s in a name? Not much, if it evokes images of clumsy police officers from a century ago.

Maybe that’s why Digital Extremes has changed the name of its upcoming hero shooter from Keystone to The Amazing Eternals. That, and more, were revealed today in a video describing the gameplay and space-age aesthetic of DE’s upcoming hero-shooter-with-cards.

According to the game’s lore, you’ve discovered a “mysterious board game” that transports you to one of many classic movie-inspired worlds, such as a sci-fi base or spaghetti Western town. There, you’re transformed into a legendary warrior, or Eternal and will duke it out with other players, fighting over the mythical “keystone.”

The Amazing Eternals is a hero shooter at its core, but you’ll collect cards and build a deck to activate abilities and traps. That doesn’t make it a “collectible card game,” despite the devs’ statement at the start of the video — no more than in any MMO where you “collect” powers and slot them to a hotbar — and the initially hyped board game elements are yet to be seen. At least DE is making some attempt to add in a few different styles of game, realizing that “just another hero shooter” probably won’t fly in 2017, regardless of how snazzy it looks.

You can sign up for the closed beta for The Amazing Eternals on the game’s website, or purchase a Founder’s Pack before Aug. 29 to gain instant access to the beta when it goes live.


  1. I can’t say much, because of alpha oath. I will say that the card system is a little bit like a traditional card game system, but you don’t draw at random from your deck. Of course everything is subject to change as its in pretty early alpha and there still more to it that i won’t say.

  2. That’s an interesting argument I think. I’m talking about the “doesn’t make it a CCG” bit. Why is that? RPG can still be RPG even if it’s also a shooter or a strategy. Are card games so unique and special that you can’t mix them with anything else without completely destroying the concept?

    I was never into card games (neither in physical nor in videogame form) so maybe I’m not getting something crucial. So you begin with collecting some cards – so far it’s the same as in any CCG. But then you don’t play them on a “battlefield” that looks like a tabletop, instead you slot them into your loadout to use as weapons, traps, powerups, etc. in a shooter. At first glance that sounds nothing like a CCG, but isn’t that process essentially the same as building your deck and then playing the right cards at the right time in a traditional card game?

    What’s missing? Is the process of drawing cards from the deck not infuriatingly random enough or something? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • I think they just mean to say it’s not like say, Hearthstone or Duelyst levels of card building. That it’s not a “build a deck of 30-40 cards that thematically have to work together” or something of that sort.

      I’m thinking possibly closer to that of Paragon or Paladins which, even though has a “card” “deck building” system, isn’t really considered a CCG.

      At least that’s what I took from it. Seems more akin to that of loadouts then of your typical CCG deck building.

      • And yet there were no protests that “it’s not a CCG” when they were talking about a game that was basically playing itself. Jason is just too close to evertything CCG which makes him extra conservative when it comes to hybrids IMO.

        In the video they are using 12 cards deck and that’s not too small IMO. That’s way bigger than any loadout I’ve seen, provided all of them need to be actively used. I think it can still be called a CCG hybrid depending on how many cards there are in total.


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