Is Marvel's Avengers Dead? Looks Like Disney Will Have The Final Say With Embracer's Purchase of Crystal Dynamics

Will Disney allow for Embracer to continue to make new Marvel titles, or will Disney say ‘no’ in a bigger plan?

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The Future of Marvels IPs

The future of Square Enix’s Marvel IPs rests in the deciding hands over at Disney as Embracer needs their licensing and approval to continue the Marvel games. Embracer, now the owner of Crystal Dynamics and all games made by CD, will need Disney’s Marvel license approval to continue to use the licensed characters and to continually make new games. If Disney will not allow the license, this means that no new games will be added, but all old games will continue to exist as they do now.

This was reconfirmed when Embracer Group’s CEO and co-founder Lars Wingefors spoke during a Q&A session and said: "All games that have been developed by the studios are included in the transaction. However, a number of external approvals are needed from external parties in order to close this transaction. Potentially, licensors could be one of those approvals needed."

Again, what this means is if Embracer is not given proper claim to Marvel’s IPs by Disney, then this could be the end for the Marvel games–for now. Still, it is too early to start planning the end just yet, as no decisions have been finalized.

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