The open beta for District 187: Sin Streets has begun today. The S.W.A.T. versus Gangster shooter is rolling out into open beta with 3 new maps and 4 new weapons.

The three new maps each offer players a distinct location to battle in including a destroyed factory, maze like underground sewer tunnels, and the SS Steuben, a perceivable harmless, old cargo ship, which is actually a vessel for drug and human trafficking (wait its not a cruise ship?).

The open beta’s weapon roster was also bolstered with the likes of the infamous Desert Eagle, double barreled Winchester shotgun, and other equally deadly weapons which can (and will) be used to shred your opponents piece by piece.

If you haven’t checked out District 187 already you can download the game here. There were certainly a few things we thought District 187 could have improved upon from closed beta so we are curious whether or not the open beta squashed some of the more annoying bugs/features (i’m looking at you white blood).

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  1. This is not an awful games, every mmofps like AVA,Crossfire,Combat Arm,Arctic Combats and District 187 all came from Korea Dev and they make it free for u all to play but u guys are not grateful enough and even Warface create by Korea Branch Crytek tested in China first…

    My impression about District 187 will have more potential since the games is only tested for alpha for only 1 year unlike other mmo developer where they have to test it for alpha for 2 year or like Firefall like 2 to 3 year for global release since GARENA buy it from them for almost 2 year and no sign of release for GARENA yet although been bought for 25 Million…
    But u have to admit they willing to take risk and not many dev can make such smooth games since they have to release it beta early becoz later there will be competition from Metro Conflict Presto ( AVA creator Redduck ) and many more mmofps developer from Korea…

    They ( District 187 Dev ) wanna create more gamemod and full arsenals of weapons in that games, and i will gladly wait for new update for their games…
    I to play Blacklight but it already max lvl and full set of permanent weapons and attachment and now it no fun anymore since i play it for almost a year, Planetside 2 ermmm maybe not wanna play it though since it use large files so i wanna save my drive for other games since i can’t wait for single player campaign games for next year 2013 like DeadSpace 3,LostPlanet 3, and many other new games 😀 …

  2. AWFUL GAME! Do not bother…everything sucks from the gun recoil to the maps to the game modes. EVERYTHING! It’s like a jacked version of combat arms. Stick with CS and Blacklight and TF2…thats all you need for multiplayer fps!!

  3. just to let you guys now this game sucks 100% and i just played the game for 1 min because i get killed when i was behind a wall so the already got glitches and hacks GG dont waste your time

  4. Not a good game, checked it out in cbt /watch?v=pRr46iWzHgg really generic, typical cs clone with ironsights and that’s about it

  5. Best preview of Firefall

    Oh this game sucks some hardcore balls btw. Distritct 187. One of the worst made FPS I have ever played. I seriously would rather play a hack fest game. Wanna try some good fps? Check out mmobomb Browser-shooter top 10. There is one called Be Gone. Game rocks!

  6. This game is REALLY bad. Don’t bother if you are looking for a new fps to play. Might as well keep playing AvA or Blacklight.

  7. the main problem with this game was there was no European server and most of players was from EU so a lot of them delayed/lagged.


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