Gamania Digital Entertainment announced the Open Beta launch of its free-to-play, 3D fantasy MMORPG, Divina. With the servers now open to everyone, Gamania is inviting new players to come experience Divina’s world, unique characters, and great gameplay features – including the newly released Guild versus Guild system.

During the Open Beta, players will be able to enter the GvG arena, called Ubajin Fiesta, for the very first time. In Ubajin Fiesta, two teams face off against each other in heated “capture the flag” style matches and battle for Prayer Energy by capturing Spirit Stones, activating Holy Stones, and killing the enemy. Ubajin Fiesta requires teamwork and strategy, as each team must control multiple points at once to dominate the match.

Gamania has also refined Divina’s PvP system based on feedback from the Closed Beta. Now, players will be able to choose between PvP and PvE channels,depending on whether they’re looking to compete. And all PvP matches will be arena based, ensuring everything stays friendly and organized.

As a final surprise for Open Beta participants, Gamania will be testing Divina’s Item Mall beginning on 6/15, letting players sample some of the items and outfits that will be offered on launch-day.

Divina’s Open Beta is now live at


  1. Oh almost forgot, every account can have a max of 2 chars. later on out of obt, you’ll be able to BUY in item mall (with real money), up to more 3 slots in the account. Aswell take 3 days to delete a character. Needless to say everyone is spamming new accounts to make new chars and test builds right? I got 5 already. yeye

  2. Have been playing this game for the last 3 days. level cap right now is 60, you can get to 50 easily doing quests in 3 days.
    I did my best to like the game, but there’s more cons than pros.

    1# The game has delay on animations/skills, so it’s literally impossible to KITE as a ranged or any other class, a meele monster will always hit you don’t mater how hard you run, he’s fucking magic.

    2# There’s a stats system ok? but what they add is very very very small bonus to your build, plus it’s the only mmo I’ve played so far that Str/Int are completely useless stats for any build.

    3# Dungeons only drop buff/debuff stuff, there’s a quest for every dungeon that gives a reward. (pet, mount etc) Thats about the only good thing about the dungeons, and believe me it take a dangload crap of time to kill things there, for a sad reward.

    4# Anyone that like mmo/mmorpgs, know the most fun comes from mobbing. In this game area spells and aswell tankers, can hit/aggro a max of 5 monsters ONLY. 90% of the game kill monsters one by one to do quest/grind exp, srsly id rather play pokemom yellow if it’s to kill one by one, way better.

    5# Def/Mdef comes only from exclusively 5 items. (1) Core and (5) Keys, they don’t show up on chars it’s like invisible acessorys. The costumes that should be like youre ARMOR, HAT etc
    They all don’t add any attributes, so you can be a lvl 150 warrior with a costume of wizard like a retard.

    it’s all I can remember now, I’ve been trying hard to like this game, its somehow fun and cool. unfortunately there’s more cons than pros. (still trying!)

  3. I played this for a little while. To be honest I thought it was terrible. While the game looks great, imo, its just so clunky and unrefined and there really isn’t anything that makes it stand out over other similarly styled MMOs. The Quick Change system is neat, but nothing that hasn’t been done before. I really do love the art style, though. It looks really good compared to most anime-inspired MMOs.

  4. Wooot! OBT yay! 😀 Been waiting for this.
    Its too bad people judge this game by the looks, they are missing out, The Quick Change strategy system is pretty awesome in this one, not just a freaking sub class.


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