In news that sort of snuck up on everyone, DK Online, yet another new MMORPG from Aeria Games, has moved into closed beta today.

DK Online, has been touted as a PvP oriented MMO, with huge PvP battles, and castle siege warfare, where you assault enemy castles to claim them and their respective territory for your guild. These battles can involve up to 25 attacking guilds against 5 defending guilds, and can last up to an hour and a half before a victor is declared. That is some pretty intense PKing.

DK Online seems to be using the same closed-but-not-really beta style used for Born to Fire, whereby anyone and everyone can join the closed beta without a beta key. This may be due to the industry becoming accustomed to calling the “release” phase of a game an open beta. So while DK Online is open to the public, it’s subject to wipes and closing at any time. Great Scott I think I’ve got it!

You can try out DK Online by heading over to the official site now.

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  1. They game is just “meh”. I played it for 1-2 hours last night and didn’t enjoy it.

    DK is an average game with average classes.


  2. I find it funny that aeria games banned me due to violation of ToS (I guess for hacking, or thats what they said but thats my bro;so i get blamed) and yet they continue sending me emails talking about DK and how i got into the beta. XD wtf aeria really?

  3. I saw the trailer of it and was impressed and decided to download it then up till when i look down here in the comment section full of bad impressions, now I don’t feel like trying this game, probably a waste of time…..thx you guys…..i think

  4. Aeria games…had to take a break and soak up that info first…

    Don’t think I’ll give it a try unless I see some very enticing gameplay videos. Just can’t drive myself to try another one of their titles out of my own volition anymore.

    • This a free game what do u expect? Vindictus is free but it requires A REALLY GOOD COMPUTER TO PLAY IT SMOOTHLY while this game can be played even with a computer of Intel Celeron 2.2 Ghz..

  5. I am sorry this so reminds me of Rappelz, but slightly better graphics, I wont be making the mistake of playing this, looking forward to a new generation of online gaming to continue forth, like an open world Vindictus. that would be awesome! no more point and click pieces of shit(an no adding WASD for movement does not make it a real third person action mmorpg) all these kids who think if they combo keys 2, 5, and 9 with F5 will create an awesome combo, only to find that their dice rolling system fails them.

      • RaiderZ is way too slow paced to be even considered as an open world Vindictus…

        It’s a strange mix of action MMOs and traditional systems…. [mages can’t move and cast in the same time per example…] but the combat pace is just way too slow for it ever be close to “action” in my terms.

        • well the instant cast spells you can run and gun on a mage and cleric so apparently you didnt play either class for more than a few seconds

  6. This game is so incredibly bad ! All the way from graphics to go and kill 10 boars quests over and over but just with different monsters


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