DK (or Dragon Knights) Online, a more old-school style MMO that was once published by Aeria Games and went away for a while, is returning. The game — which now appears to be being published by Masangsoft, Inc. — has been listed on Steam Greenlight.

Admittedly, this might seem a bit odd for a game that already existed and was closed. But it seems like a good way to determine if there is an interest in it… either from those who used to play the game or newbies.

Judging from the comments on the Greenlight page, there seems to be a good bit of interest from former players. Whether or not this will be enough to get a Greenlight approval waits to be seen. If you’d like to vote for — or against — DK Online, you can find its page on the Steam site.

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  1. DKOnline is a power house , it had new players continiuosly streaming in the entire time during closed alpha and open beta , the graphics are very modern and clicker programs wont work ,the shadow mages love that .
    the game was not complete we were just playing on the start maps . when they added the mines pvp problems occured .
    the very best game i have ever tested DKOnline is worth the effort the time and the money , i know a winner when i see one . do the work . there cannot be virtual rape gangs inside of the mines .

  2. It just going to get milked real quick whoever the developer is that made this game. it will be abandon pretty soon Just like Luna online reborn online for a example.

  3. holy shit i thought this died this game went into closed beta for 1-2 sessions then never launched and we didnt hear word about the official statement 2 years after the last closed beta session ended like what?

  4. wasnt this the game that never left Closed Beta there? Or was that a different game im thinking of? I remember a Game that was in Closed Beta but went Out due to a lag or graphix issue.l

  5. Game was fun, back in the day, but it was under Aeria Games. They just milk games until powder comes out and then recycle.

    Hope it does better this time.


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