DK Online









About the game:
Title: DK Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Masangsoft
Publisher: Masangsoft

DK Online is a 3D fantasy themed MMORPG whose main focus is on large scale PvP oriented combat. In DK Online players can choose from four distinct races including the ferocious Lycans and the cunning Felynx.

Players will be tasked with defending the world as a Dragon Knight, a powerful hero, only surpassed by the gods themselves. Players must engage in brutal combat using a combination of dazzlingly unique spells, and the ability to transform into enemy monsters in order to gain additional stats and abilities.

As players continue to level up, they can seek out worthy guilds to band with and lay siege to an enemy guild’s castles in bloody PvP warfare with hundreds of players!

Explosive Features:

  • Large Scale Siege PvP
  • Unique Shapeshifting Abilities
  • Detailed Graphics

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System Requirements

DK Online System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.8GHz
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least ?GB of free Space
Video Card: NVDIA Geforce 7600

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  1. Where the hell can I get this game? it’s still on beta but everyone is pondering if they should play or not…. and I wanna play the game!!! I played the open beta but that’s it! I’ve waited 2 years…. it can’t take 2 years to develop a game from beta to full-playable.. right?

  2. I came here to read about the review of this game… instead I run into a lot of children whining about incorrect english…… who the hell care’s as long as u know what it means.

    P.S I still dont know if I should play this game or not.

  3. WOW, is all I can say.. I lost interest in the game and became addicted to all that text. Seriously, you guys should all write a book together it’s some good stuff in there.. Honestly I couldn’t tell you what the game was called unless I scroll back to the top lol. As for the opinions on the chicks English… Perhaps next time instead of correcting the person maybe someone would be kind enough to just re-write it for them and post it below?.. You kids.. you’re all amusing in your own special ways, I mean that in the spastic term, not special as in gifted. Just the usual retarded type of special. I’m sure she’s the first girl some of you have ever made contact with and just don’t know any other way to communicate with the opposite sex. I did have a good laugh at Dennis’ post though regarding making us a sandwich.. good stuff tard, although I would have to be a little more realistic given her asian appearance etc. Rather than having a cry about her bad English she could be making us some springrolls or lemon chicken or maybe even serving some rice wine. Hopefully 2 years after making her debut she’s fixed her English and hasn’t ended up being sold to hahaha

  4. Wow. Seriously, just about all of you are soooo f*cking stupid.

    You guys just flooded a post talking about a girl who’s English isn’t perfect.

    For those of you who don’t already have kids, keep it that way.


    • If I recall Correctly They shut this game down for the time being because of all the problems with it. I havent heard any news on it with a possible relaunch.

  5. You picked a cutesy female character who does ranged spell attacks only… Yeah, I’m gonna see someone play a more badass character if I’m to even consider playing this. I hate it when guys pick female characters all the time.

  6. elver gongt half of you guys would cry the first our you guys play shadowbane back in the day ofcourse that game its dead now they are trying to revive it but its taking them 4rever to do so still back in the day when it was up this game was actually 1,00

    lol i be

  7. don’t try this game trust me not worth playing i have been playing this game for about two weeks and it sux really bad >:(

  8. if u dont like it dont play it,dont say it suck when u only make lvl 5 and quit game=))And if is Gender Lock what is with that problem?On Blade And Soul is Gender Lock,so u will still play it?In your opinion Gender Lock games suck,point click,tab and staying in one place to attack suck,so what da fuq u want from a game?Anyway in order to come that system u want more realistic it need to make a invention like was in Sword Art Online…so u have to w8 longer

  9. Aeria games don’t make these they bring them over from Asia companies – lets get that stright first of all. I have always like the games they choose to release to the rest of the world, but the main problem with Aeria is there sudden addition to mall items in their games which in the space of a few months usually kills the game. Shaiya for instance was probably the best one ever for a few years then they decided to milk it and within 3 months it didnt see any fresh blood.

    Now onto DK Onlline – This game has good potential to become a top 10 game, the main problem which alot are getting is the FPS issue – for instance i can play the other games and im getting an easy30-40 fps in DK i get 12 max usually which drops badly to 2-5 fps when i enter dungeon. This has been an issue since closed beta and they are not attempting a fix for another 2-3 months, A very bad move on their part people are already waiting for other games to come out and ignoring this one. Theres tons of content to come in the game such as the new class archer etc etc but if they can’t get the developers to move it up a gear the game will be a low playerbase game that few will stay in.

    As far as i knew Closed beta’s were used to try and fix everything they could and open beta was then used to clean up smaller bugs – I hope soon Aeria will learn because they ae becoming more and more of a no no to the community – Happy customer make paying customers – its not a hard thing to understand

  10. I played stress test and the game was ok. Shadow mages was very powerful and the paladin tanks were ok and a little worthless because a shadow mage could kill faster and tank better But paladins were still fun to play and could heal or rez mates. When open bata came they put a 7 min cool down on sucky paladin heals and tank and dps tree still sucked. Other than that I saw no changes and left the game disappointed and started playing another game.

    The character creator was crap. If you pick human it was teh worst. All human males looked alike unless you added a girly tattoo to your face. And forget a brown or tan skinned human because you only had one color to choose from. All other races looked the same too so it was impossible to create a unique character. So over all the game play was boring, the characters were exceptionally boring and actually too a class that sucked and made it worse. Incredible! I would not spend any real money on this game because I just don’t see it lasting a year. It may but I don’t see it.

  11. magiccman was just being good with the people who actualy likes this game but im sorry is just farily bad , like he says is NORMAL every game has what this game has!


    • any games have what this has?are u dumb?how can all games don`t have?so u want a game that comes with new thinks and looks shiny and characters skills have good particles…..yea i played most of them and sucks,so i`l play old style grindy game if i need to because new games with this new innovation styles are not my type of games,like age of wushu/wulin or tera online,those have new innovations but on gameplay sucks.So if u was a realy pro gamer u should look first on gameplay then innovations,a good game dont need new things.

  12. i love grindy games, and pvp oriented, i dont like all these NEW mmo’s, gw2, terra etc.. i like the old style, and i hope this is like the good ol days
    played a couple of hours in stress test and it was quite fun, i liked it, did not try the pvp though.
    archers are the next upcomming class after official release, and still no OBT date at this time.
    i really hope the pvp is fun in this and brings back the adrenaline rush !

  13. Yes the game is good for now but it will be over shadowed fast for not being any thang new and no its not O.B but its a eazy C.B to get in to.

  14. the perfict mmorpg is all i can say its is NOT any thang new jest every thang that a mmo should be nothing more nothing less its quest grindy i found killing 40 monsters slow and painfull compared to tera or raiderz it has a lot grinding but not to much tell you get to lvl 35 or higher then its a classic grind fest female armor is nice most of the time character makeing is not over board liek tera or aion but its not simble it has alot to pick from the skill tree is nice with lots of paths to follow and a steady income of skills as you lvl it seems to be a rilly basic but sweet mmo that i think is the best way to start in the mmorpg fantasy world 7/10 and i recomend it for people how are new to this hot key type of gameing befor they move on to forsaken world
    my only beaf with the game is their are no archors

      • can people just lay off my bad English already I’ve heard this 1,000,000 times 1,000,000 different people not to be mean but really to comment on how bad my English is does not help in anyway with this topicif you want to review review if you want to troll go somewhere else in a mobile home is not a trolling website and by the way english is my third language

          • Rex… she DID say Topic you retard it just so happens that she forgot to put a space between topic and if making it look like “topicif” So read before you respond noob.

        • If you have heard it a million times, then why don’t you do something about it? You don’t even bother to capitalise words or use punctuations. Do you really expect people to read your walls of text? I am certainly not going to.

          • I certainly not going to read it as well. If someone wants to make a point of their opinion at least try to make them look interesting or at least readable.

            One thing I’ve noticed is that her brokenenglishwalloftext shows that she doesn’t care about her own opinion and we should not either.

        • If I was you don`t worry about how people comment on your bad English. They are jealous because they are too afraid to learn another language. These people only thinks that English is good enough for them but I am sure if they try to learn a different Language then English they would suck ass.

        • Don’t let these trolls upset you. I hardly know any language besides english so since you have learned a third language you are pretty awesome! Some americans are so ignorant when they insult others who dont speak perfect english when they cant even slightly speak another language lol.

        • well call me a noob but i also have bad english so sometimes something will be spelled wrong everyone was born with it so yea

        • rentherose your english is fine and Im sure you do much better in english than that jackass vin would do in any other language. Im american but it makes me mad when people make comments about someones english, because it is their native language they dont know that english is considered by all professionals in the world to be the hardest language to learn. Maybe that should take a walk in your shoes go play a game in japan and see how they like not knowing japanese.

          • Hm… why are you right away assuming that someone saying that has english as his first, native language? English is my second language… and like you see it’s clearly easy to read, (even though I likely do many mistakes) but I understand that 3 language is really hard to learn…

            No offense, but even writing it in her native language and then using worst-translater-in-world (Google Translater) would work out better… Seriously. I have no idea what she meant in that review… at all…

            Also… “english is considered by all professionals in the world to be the hardest language to learn”…
            You joked here right? It is not even close to hardest one!
            (at least in my personal opinion)

            Btw. I was trying to learn Japanese in past (a bit), and I failed. It’s on whole other level of difficulty when it comes to writing!

            I hope you didn’t take anything personally.

        • I was looking who was being digged in…. and I found this…,, wew it blew me a way…. a woman who talks decent… it got me blushing….. HLOL(have lots of love)….

      • lol, even google translate will be give up..
        my english is also bad, but this is the first time i could not understand the whole paragraph. @_@

        im just sayin, dont take it seriously~ 😛

    • No. Get a better pc or use your internet in a educated way and you will discover that there are many better (free) mmoprg than those youu mentioned.
      Thank you for making me laugh.

    • ive been looking for another game to play now for a couple weeks, atm im on neverwinter obt, its a nice game and all but still hopig to find something more for me…one problem im noticing alot now is where are all the archers? neverwinter doesnt have one and so many others dont either :'(.. also alot of games are replacing the archer class with gunners which sux

    • You guys are acting like a bunch of pricks and I can guarantee you it’s because she’s a pretty woman you will never have and then you’ll sit there and whine that all women hate you. It’s because you don’t know how to engage women apparently. Anyone can be rude and stereotype. Take for example, I know of several men who need to grow up and stop living in their mommy’s basement.


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