Update 9.8 for World of Tanks is now live, and it’s got… well, not a whole lot of new stuff. They even admit that in the preview video. But what it does have, they say, is really good, starting with a new game mode: Domination… which isn’t available yet, even though it’s part of 9.8. OK, now I’m really confused.

Domination matches pit auto-granted Tier X vehicles against each other in a capture-the-flag kind of match, where teams score points by delivering a flag to certain locations and (of course) destroying each other. Unlike other game modes, death is not the end, as tanks will respawn after being destroyed, a first for World of Tanks. Some points on the map will also repair or resupply a tank.

Domination mode will be added to WoT “in the coming days,” but you can check out the rest of what 9.8 has to offer now, including a quicker way to platoon up with friends, small reward boosts that can be earned via gameplay, and performance badges that pop up during battle. You’ll also have the choice between SD and HD clients, depending on whether you want to prioritize disk space and download speed or achieve maximum graphical fidelity.

You can read the full Update 9.8 announcement here or, if you’re really into details, dig into the full item-by-item patch notes.

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  1. “Update 9.8 for World of Tanks is now live, and it’s got… well, not a whole lot of new stuff.”


  2. No news on this game on 2-3 patche’s only add 1-2 map and prenium tank no news line tank’s i think starts to fall

    • If they did updates for every little thing their news boards would be over filled with updates.

      You cant expect them to post every thing a game does.


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