Epic Games is continuing with its weekly free game offerings, and while they’re not incredibly new, they’re still pretty decent offerings. Currently, the offering of the week is a co-op cooking game titled Overcooked. The game allows four players to play in both co-op and competitive challenge modes cooking a wide range of dishes in order to save the Onion Kingdom — which is filled with all kinds of kitchens to cook in, even lava-filled ones.

But that’s probably not the big news for most of you. The bigger news would bet that if for some reason you don’t already own Runic Games’ ARPG Torchlight, you’ll be able to pick it up for free beginning July 11.

The game — which has consistently maintained positive reviews since it was released in 2009 — normally runs $15. I may be a little partial, but I’d definitely encourage anyone who doesn’t have it to grab it while it’s free, so long as you don’t have any objection to using the Epic Games Store.

(As an FYI: Overcooked normally runs $17. I can’t attest to the quality of the game, but it looks cute and it’s free.)

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  1. “if for some reason you don’t already own”. Being ugly designed trash with horrible gameplay isn’t enough reason to not own it?..moreover for 15 bucks…
    Even titan quest is more Diablo-ish (that came out 3 years earlier) than this Torchlight (said to be made by same dudes who made Diablo, but got fired…fired…from Blizzard…wonder “why?”)


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