Perfect World Entertainment and Dark Horse Games’s Werewolf-centric survival game Don’t Even Think has a big update on the horizon. The update introduces new abilities for both Werewolves and Humans designed to spice up gameplay.

Werewolf abilities include one that will allow them to communicate their position to other werewolves on the map by howling — so long as they are within range. This ability allows them to team up easily in order to hunt for their human prey.

Human players, on the other hand, will be able to communicate with each other using the voice chat function, which will allow them to talk with their teammates and any nearby human players. Humans who are eliminated can remain to watch using a new Observation Mode that will also allow them to assist the living humans and help them locate enemies. (It’s almost like they’re poltergeists or something.)

The update will also include a new tutorial system that allows players to remove pop-up tips.



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