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About the game:
Title: Don’t Even Think
Status: Released
Genre: Battle Royale
Developer: Perfect World Entertainment
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Play as a human or a werewolf and strive to survive in Don’t Even Think, a free-to-play asymmetrical battle royale game for PlayStation 4. Players are separated into two groups: humans and werewolves. The humans must scavenge for weapons, while the werewolves drink blood from corpses to sustain their strength. When dawn comes, only a few humans can board the helicopter to escape — will they make it, or will they wind up inside a werewolf’s belly?

Created by Perfect World’s Beijing office, Don’t Even Think provides a twist on the battle royale genre. You’ll have to deal with both werewolves and other human players, who are grouped up in teams of three. Humans must keep themselves warm and well-stocked during the night, while the werewolves track humans by light and smoke. Foes lurk all around you in the wilderness, and it will be a struggle to survive the night!

Explosive Features:

  • Humans vs. Werewolves
  • Asymmetrical PvP
  • Cooperate And Compete With Other Players

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  1. Ok I don’t know if this is the real site but umm I have some things I think you guys should change I kind of think this game was rushed but here are some things ypu could improve.
    3.take to much to kill a person
    4.not getting stuck when the wolf trys to attack you slow
    7.being able to add people to your game
    8. no bullet drop
    9.see your wins with wolf and humans
    10.more guns
    11.more silver bullets.
    12. being able to here your teammates when joining random squads
    12. Add animals for the wolf to eat
    13. make 100 people in the game
    14.make a bomb that turns into fire
    15.being able to make a campfire yourself
    16.having a inventory
    18. Don’t make the wolves to op
    19. Put howl in the game for alerting the wolves that there is people and you need backup
    Thank you for time I hope you take these Ideas I can see this game going far


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