Reporting on MOBA patch notes can be a rather dull affair. A new patch usually consists mainly of balance adjustments and sometimes a new hero/champion/god/whatever-else-they-go-by. Out of all the MOBAs though, Dota 2 seems to have some of the most interesting updates to pass along.

Up first is the new ‘Wraith Night’ mode. Valve has been known to add custom game modes to Dota 2 during major holidays like Halloween’s Diretide. With Wraith Night, Valve seems to be killing two birds with one stone, updating the visuals for the Skeleton King while also giving players a chance to participate in a wave style survival mode.

You see, the Skeleton King is not feeling too well. According to the Dota 2 blog post, after reassembling himself too many times, good ole SK doesn’t have what it takes to put himself back together again. To fix his ending immortality, players must work together to protect him from the armies of Wraith-Night. With each felled minion, SK will feed on their essence, eventually growing strong enough to be reborn as the newly risen Wraith King. The change in appearance most likely has to do with the Skeleton King’s resemblance to the Diablo character of the same name. The change will allow Valve to keep the hero without designing a new one entirely as a replacement.

Wraith Night only allows players to choose from a small pool of heroes including Legion Commander who was just added this patch. To make up for this, Valve has adjusted some of the heroes abilities to better handle the huge waves of minions bearing down on them. As with all of Dota 2’s special modes, expect plenty of cosmetic prizes for performing well.

Ranked Matchmaking has also finally been added to Dota 2 for those looking to compare their skills at right-clicking. For those just starting out in Dota 2, Valve has revamped the starting experience for beginners, which gradually introduces players to the games modes, mechanics and items.

Even if none of the above interests you as a Dota 2 player you may still want to login during the winter festivities. Valve is handing out present boxes which introduces players to the variety of vanity items available and rewards players with several of each. What’s more, as players level up (yes there is a leveling system in Dota 2) they will be able to work towards unlocking even more mythical items.

You can read the full list of changes on Dota 2’s official blog here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


    • So according to you, any game that has ranked matchmaking is a copy of LoL? Cool logic, bro.

      Then I guess we can apply this logic – LoL is a copy of DotA.

  1. Not sure what the toxic community is all about. Been playing for a while now and haven’t met a troll in my 100+ games. I know that HoN has a toxic community for sure because I have been playing it since beta and still own my legacy account. Hons toxic community is more due to stats and the MMR hierarchy; the concede vote in HoN also adds to the “I give up now and will troll you because you think we can come back from this” attitude. Dota 2 do not have such a surrender/concede button which will deter teammates from giving up to early ,and I have actually won some games by playing it out long.

      • Riot never bothered with it, but rather endorse it in the shadows. just watch next champ will do everything(nuke,cc,tank and heal) just like the a few of the last ones.

    • The problem is that almost complete HoN community transferred to Dota bringing their toxic behavior with them and after all MOBA community has always been toxic in the first place.

      • It really has more to do with the core premise of the game. Players are stuck in a room for 30-50 minutes and are punished severely if they leave for any reason at all. Since games tend to snowball and become increasingly one-sided as the match drags on, this usually turns into a maddening waste of time when you’re on the receiving end of that. That itself is bad enough, but this is the internet, so it’s made 4 times worse by all the socially retarded nerds that think it’s okay to blame and scream at their own teammates.

        • It is none of these. The fact is there is no problem. It is in your over sensitive retard brain. There are usually chat options to hide text. It is a game that requires YOU DO NOT CHAT. Any one offended by little words flowing on the bottom left of the screen and too stupid to go to OPTIONS – CHAT – OFF… deserve to suffer. I love these games for the chat. MAkes me laugh so hard. I hate the gameplay half the time and just there to watch the chat roll. Although more recently more people just silent and ACTUALLY PLAYING. Want to coordinate, you need team on VOIP or GTFO.
          The only thing other players can go that piss me off is be noob. Just pushing the same lane. And click left button over and over and dying over and over…obvious noob or possible bot an obvious noob or possible bot. If you do not learn or make progress under a week get out. This is not your kind of game. Or stay in and make my winning streak grow What ever works for you.

      • Don’t stick to one genre, the gaming community itself has toxic players. It is sickening to watch people become something else in-front of a monitor compared how they actually act. But hey, whatever. IF there were some type of law, it would hit the developers in the pockets. Just ignore them! otherwise you can mute them in Dota. They should implement a surrender button but i feel that will be abused a lot LOL.

    • Welcome to online gaming, I hope you enjoy your stay. Oh, we forgot to mention, there is toxicity in virtually every MMO or remotely online game to exist to date. Even UO had toxicity in it (regardless of you being to young to have even played it, of course).

      But seriously. I’m not sure how many rocks you’ve been living under, but it seems you need to dig yourself out of that sheltered landslide you seem to have gotten yourself into.

      • You ain’t seen toxic till you’ve played a MOBA. They are some of the most purile communities on this side of 4chan. Though you yourself are another fine example of how pitiful the gaming community is.


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