Splish, Splash Rift’s about to take a bath, the MMO is headed to the Plane of Water in Rift’s newly revealed expansion, Nightmare Tide. In a producer’s letter to the community, Executive Producer Bill Fisher explains Nightmare Tide as being the expansionary response to the age old question of “what’s on the other side” or more specifically, “where are all these horrific things coming from?!”

Within the Plane of Water, players will find a realm of “nightmares, dreams, madness and danger” as they dive into new open-world zones filled with new enemies, allies and end game content. Since this is a full expansion, the level cap will be raised to 65 and new mastery traits will be unlocked for players to use. These masteries are based on your calling and have been designed to provide more variety in soul builds and synergies.

New dynamic battles and new Nightmare Rifts ensure players will see plenty of action out in the open water world with promises of scaling content to ensure the action is always of the appropriate magnitude. Nightmare Tide will feature a “ton of new loot”, but Fisher did say the best gear currently in-game would last players “all the way to level 65 – and a bit beyond”.

Fisher refrained from mentioning any specific details regarding release, but he did mention the expansion would launch sometime this year. For more expansion info check out the full Producer’s letter here.

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  1. Trenix on June 27, 2014

    The soul tree is what got me to quit this game, so overly complicated and unneeded.

    • Todoran on July 2, 2014

      is a anti tards system dont wory about it.

  2. Miki on June 27, 2014

    Even if i dont like the game i mast sey it is far from dead
    game got pretty hig population.

  3. zzz@zzz.cn on June 27, 2014

    VERy boring game, all u do is coolect 10 there kill 10 there over and over, there is zero teamplay after months of -playing i not played with anyone, or talked, there is no need, trion all the time trying to revive dead game, leave it to rot, move youtr strenght to other games

    • Todoran on July 2, 2014

      dead game? do you live under a rock…. is a top mmo, very populated, is not a divine good like game …. but is very good game to play, ohh well what do anime mmo fans like u know something anyway about good taste

  4. someone on June 26, 2014

    OPTIMIZE YOUR DAMMN GAME ENGINE FIRST and then add expansions FFS!!!

    • You're lame bruh on June 26, 2014

      Maybe get a computer that has more than one core in it. Optimize your p.o.s system loser.

      • You are a retard on June 27, 2014

        Rift doesnt support multicore, so stop talking bullshit.

      • anonymous on June 28, 2014

        you don’t know what you’re talking about , everybody knows how crap Rift engine is. So STFU!

        • Todoran on July 2, 2014

          try not to play it from a 2005 laptop is not wow sir.

  5. Anon on June 26, 2014

    Keep on prodding that dead horse Trion.

    …or don’t and move on to make a game that isn’t terrible.

  6. Todoran on June 26, 2014

    i hope they did not make many features that require money in this expansion.

  7. eww on June 26, 2014

    That shark mount looks kinda dumb 😛 So glad I never stayed with this game

    • Todoran on July 2, 2014

      no poneys here…. glad u left.

  8. Well on June 26, 2014

    The latest patch brought many features that require money (classes), the number of players does not increase, and there are numerous comments on the advantage of the equipment purchased by the shop (on the forum).
    The game will be forgotten with the release of ArcheAge.
    Btw, ArcheAge taking too long to launch, it will be late. It is a fact.
    I even got sick testing the Russian version, I think the amount of people watching the stream twitch show a massive disinterest…

    • Ops on June 26, 2014

      Ops,”Twitch Stream”.

  9. Mounted on June 25, 2014

    Mounted son