Aeria Games’ Dragomon Hunter is having an excellent holiday season. The company announced today that their free-to-play mount collecting MMO has an active community of over half a million players who have collected over 750,000 Dragomon. That’s about 1.5 Dragomon per player.

Dragomon Hunter currently offers over a hundred monsters for players to hunt and turn into mounts.

And, just in case you missed it, Dragomon Hunter has been celebrating the holidays with in-game festivities. Players interested in participating can head to the main city Elysium and grab their limited time Christmas quests. The quests will offer rewards of Hoppalong Stockings containing all kinds of holiday goodies.

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  1. The definition of active is most likely: “Account has been online atleast once in the last 3 months”.
    Microsoft has about the same definition of being active and “lively” (nevertheless the xbox community is really goddamn large and somehow only grows).
    Not gonna hate on the game, it’s OKAY, but that’s the problem.
    This game is so OKAY that it’s actually not really worth existing…

  2. hahaha……aeriagames counting inactive accounts once again. Sorry aeriagames your game failed stop trying to grab on to anything to prove otherwise. There are only ever 300 players on at max peek and only lower after peek point. Sorry that kinda tells me you might not even have 200,000 “active” player base.

    • Funny part is there could be 0 people still playing the game and they wont close it down. They will close either AVA or Soldier Front before they close a RPG game and they could be bring in more money than this trash game could ever pull all because they hate FPS games. Heck I was right when they closed down SF2 to bring this bs game on they have done it before and will do it again.

  3. this is complete bullshit, there is 2 servers, and what 6 channels in each server, and when u enter the only main town elysium if u go around and count u wont count more than 300 people and thats where the most people are cause theres nothing to do after lvl 50 but spamm bounty quests , second if u go ong ames facebook it has 30k likes and theres like 30 people liking per post , and 50% of the games playerbase are bots, so the more realistic numbers would be, 500k people registered to play the game 450k quit within a day some quitted due to boredom and it commes to an active playerbase of about 20-30k people

  4. Played it for two weeks, got two chars lvl 50. there’s simply nothing to do on the game once you reach max lvl other than hunt things for your hunter archive to get bonuses etc. it feels good and bad, mostly bad. its WAY TOO REPETITIVE OH MY GOD, but most importante the biggest problem that make you feel so bad for playing it after max lvl is that there’s not too many builds options or skills, dragocites. so its VERY VERY terribly repetitive, and seems like classes dont have any sinergy. you can just run any dungeon with 5 people of the same class won’t matter at all.
    so I had to quit, I’m sad to see that they had this much of players for a very poor game, game has potential but i’d say at this point even flyff has much more to offer than it. and if you look at their asian versions there’s not much to come so far. sadly, and i don’t like this enterprise personally they quit on making new contents very fast

      • when this enterprise actually take of one their game seriously and WORK to make it a sucess, it will be. check their “new game” called astral somenthing -i forgot- and cry, you almost puck seeing it. i personally get so mad and angry, they have the power in their hands and keep shitting all over their games.
        the only cool thing about this game is the fact that it reminds of pokemon for capturing evolving and breeding, but common, not a real big deal

  5. Yeah I downloaded and played a solid hour and uninstalled, game wasn’t for me, felt to old for my liking and wasn’t to much of a fan of the Chibi art direction but you know, each to their own 🙂

    • I thought the same as you but their announcement says “…celebrating an active community of over half a million players adventuring through the vibrant landscape of Wyveria” I’m dubious myself though, too….

      • Yes Magicman, you and I have been around long enough to tell when they are manipulating the context in which numbers are framed in order to give an impression that isn’t factual.

        Xbox did it for months stating number of units SHIPPED instead of number of units SOLD.

        People will lie through their teeth any chance they get and hope that most of us are dumb enough to buy it.

    • I have no doubt that they’re telling the truth but it’s a new game and probably at least a quarter of those playing are bots.


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