GameClub has launched the open beta phase of its free-to-play 3D MMORPG Dragona and there will be no IP block so everyone can check out the Global version.

Dragona Online is a fantasy MMORPG with a unique Dragon Possession system. Dragona Global features 4 races, each of which offers 2 character classes. Totally, there are 8 classes available in the game, 4 male classes and 4 female classes. On top of that players will also have the ability to transform parts of their body or their full body into Dragon like properties.

Another feature that you might enjoy in Dragona is the Battle Arena. Many players love PvP but does not want to incur the various risks involved in engaging in one. In the Battle Arena, you’ll get to enjoy PvP without risks and you can even obtain rewards like experience, potions and buff effects that can help you in playing Dragona.

Players can register at


  1. ive tried this mmo and imo
    if you start the game my first thought was ” omg aion clone”?
    but after a few minutes of playing i have to say this game combines lineage 2 and aion
    thisis only necessary for the PVE i dont know how the pvp is
    but the game is really simple kill mobs get next quest kill mobs next quest
    imo like MANY OTHER games like (Archlord, Aika, Perfect world, Forsaken world, RF online … to many games are like these)
    if u dont like grind fest’s then dont play this game
    but imo i like the scenario and the transformation feature
    u have to grind in every mmo so in this u start with grinding and a nice story
    a bit like aika
    so i recommend this mmo for RF online, Aika, and Aion players cause aion is very similar to this
    game both got simple quest and nice races

  2. Played the phill one was ok but it exp rate is bad and what hell with killing bosses all the time to get next quest and once you get near 30s there hardly any quests and exp rate is crap 😛

  3. How about be mature about it and stop saying “everything sucks”. Every game has its pros/cons. Plus everything is personal opinion.

  4. DCUO totally sucks,, graphics sucks, gameplay sucks, pvp sucks, class locked, boring gameplay, VERY boring gameplay, better play ToR/GW2 than this

  5. Problem with dragona sucks boy, is that he plays a horrible game from a horrible publisher nad said nothing intelligent. The truth is, Dragona does suck, but not for his reasons as DCUO is the more sucky of the two, from a thief publisher (SOE). Any ways, Dragona sucks because there is an ani virus called X-trap, that blocks 99% of the users. There is no cure to get around it, all forum threads and google searches lead to noobs saying “re-install it” You will waste your time with all solutions. None work. The best is just to avoid this game until they get a new anti-virus program. This, and one other game that uses x-trap, are the only games on the market I cannot test play due to this shit program. Otherwise, game play is typical mmorpg. I recommend PRius online before this POS. Also, the global version is stupidly placed in US, meaning, the Philipino english version with no IP is…global #1…??? It was a stupid move to call it global when you copy and paste the same game 1 island closer to europe… *sigh*. Also, the launch has been retarded. The boasted no character wipe. 8 hours before the launch of OB, they removed the ad, and wiped all chars.
    There are at least 5 links to this site, but no google search result. The links are all very different and feels very much like “Who is running this mad house”. The current vibe exists int he PH version of the game. Just go to the forums. That said… again… Prius online or ALGA if you want that dragony, hypo fantasy feel.

    • X-Trap is not an anti virus program, it’s an anti cheat(hack) program im sure you have some other program running that makes x-trap stop your game from running(game overlays and sometimes Logitech software that comes with the G mouse series are flagged by x-trap) I’ve had troubles with x-trap but I’ve always been able to fix them, by no means im saying that x-tap is good i am just pointing out what i know from personal experience. Also do you have your own opinions about anything or do you always go with what people say?. that been said i will try this game despite all the hate thrown down here and have my own opinion about this game. Have fun


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