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Title: Dragona Online
Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 1,6 GB
Publisher: Gameclub
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Dragon Transformation
Battle Arena
Gear Crafting

Dragona Online is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG with a unique Dragon Possession system. Dragona Global features 4 races, each of which offers 2 character classes. Totally, there are 8 classes available in the game, 4 male classes and 4 female classes. On top of that players will also have the ability to transform parts of their body or their full body into Dragon like properties.

Another feature that you might enjoy in Dragona is the Battle Arena. Many players love PvP but does not want to incur the various risks involved in engaging in one. In the Battle Arena, you’ll get to enjoy PvP without risks and you can even obtain rewards like experience, potions and buff effects that can help you in playing Dragona.

Dragona Online system requirements:

OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
RAM: 1 GB | HDD: ? GB free space
CPU: Pentium 4 2.8GHz or Higher
Graphics Card: Radeon X7000 or GeForce 6600
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  1. This was a fun game, for a while, and it caters to solo-oriented players very nicely. It’s straight-forward and easy to get the hang of, with the dragon transformations being an incredible bonus and immensely fun to bring out in combat (or even out of combat if you want to mess around). The main problem I had was absolutely horrific lagging in crowded areas. I’m used to seeing some lag in games, and my computer handles it extremely well, but this was nearly game-breaking for me and drove a friend I recommended Dragona to, to stop playing altogether.

  2. It has some problems regarding account creation. Seems to get no confirmation email. To fix this go to the main site of http://www.gameclub.com. Register there and you can at least login on the site of Dragona. Haven’t tried to login ingame, still patching.

      • I’ve looked more into the problem. To get it fixed you need to register on their forums. There is under “Support Center -> Technical Support” a sticky topic regarding this error. You’ll have to post your email over there. Seems like this is the only way to get it. May take some time…

  3. X-Trap kills your computer and therefore this game (The ingame anti-hack program. It scans all your system properties. If it doesnt like your system, it will ban you)

    • WRONG!!!!!!!

      No where on the Dragona Forums has there EVER been a post saying they got banned just because their computer system was not “clean” enough for this game.

      No where in the history of MMO games i have played has there ever been that kind of security system.

      • Have you ever heard of punkbuster? yeah.. they do the things like what cacalips said. Oh and there’s VAC (valve anticheat) that does the same thing, so I give an “F” to your history lesson.

    • Yeah, right right, u know wat? ur a douche >.> X-Trap Help You Protect From Hackers While Your Playing. pfft, saying stuff without thinking first -__-

      • You’re a fool if you believe that everything is beneficial to your PC just because it says “I can help your PC!” X-Trap scans your entire PC. If you have an Anti-Virus software X-Trap will be marked as malicious content. Why? Because X-Trap creates a file after the Xtrap.exe app is executed. This file is picked up as malware because malware is know for replicating and creating files to disturb a computer. So to be able to run the game I would need to disable or turn off my anti-virus program which would put me at risk for viruses just to play a game. Needless to say this doesn’t happen to everyone; however, those that do get this problem are deterred from playing the game. X-Trap also uses a rootkit system. Rootkit alone has a negative connotation to it. There are tons of other reliable anti-cheat programs out that would still get the job done. So why not use them?


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