Season 1.3 of Capcom’s cross-platform free-to-play game, Dragon’s Dogma Online, is scheduled for release in Japan this coming spring. The update will include the game’s 9th playable class, the Alchemist, as well as a housing system.

According to MMOSite, Capcom has also announced that players can expect Season 2.0 in the summer of 2016. That update will include new maps, dungeons, and more.

Unfortunately, at the moment, it is unknown whether there are plans to release the MMO in the West, but gamers remain hopeful.

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  1. we cant play these games over here, why the fuck are you making an article on this ? WE ARE IN AMERICA, NOT JAPAN, NOT KOREA. NOT CHINA! fuck this feed. good for nothing people anyways now.

    • Sorry but 1) we don’t cater to JUST the U.S. because that’s where we happen to live, and 2) You CAN play this game through a few methods if you want to, just not an “official” release here in the West. There is even an English guide to some of the interfaces if that’s the only language you speak. MMO News is MMO news to us, regardless of the country of origin and covering things like this game and others like it provide glimpses of games that may not be in the West but if enough people know about them and ask for them perhaps they will come here someday. See Tree of Savior and Blade & Soul as more recent examples.

      • sigh.. sorry, i had a bad day. i know your trying to get things out there and kown so that others will demand it. i didnt mean to come off as the rudest asshole out there. ive just seen it from a few others about monster hunter online, and seeing how well its been for pso2, i would never think it would come to the west. sorry again, but you can go ahead with stuff like this, hopefully you get the attention of the companys .

    • Not everybody lives in America, plus if i had to say… even though i live in Europe some dumbass companies like DAUM and Nexon are assholes and consider us part of russia. So if you think you have bad time with these news post then think about us in Baltic WHO ARE CONSIDERED BY SOME DIPSHIT companies to be part of russia and have to forcefully play on their shitty servers. 🙁

  2. If Capcom is planning this for the west then it needs to come now not years later, The game the MMO is based off is getting a PC release In January 2016 it would have made for a good tie in if they had planned it for the MMO to have a western beta release around the same time even if it was just closed beta, something


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