This trailer is absolutely ridiculous and over the top, so why can’t I stop looking at it? And how do you go about describing it to someone who hasn’t seen it? How do you slip in the part about an unborn fetus rocking out, or that an 80’s metal song that was so metal it had to be locked away in a volcano. These are not normal discussion topics!

I can only imagine why SOE decided to tie dragons to 80’s metal music. Long time fans of the era perhaps. SOE even went so far as to get band members from Cinderalla, an actual 80’s glam metal band whose top hit was this:

Oh the 80’s, look at me acting like I remember those two years I was alive.

There is some gameplay involved in the music video, but it seems pretty straight forward. Everything that’s got a dragon gets to fly around, challenge a variety of mean looking brutes and be awesome. Everything that isn’t a dragon gets set aflame.

Now I just have to wonder, “Are badly localized dragons still metal”?

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    • IKR O.O i got my fur stand out xD but too bad they show us the best gameplay ones…..
      The worst of the worst isnt shown….. Trailers all show the best part of the games….. the best gameplay that could ever reached

  1. Been playing the EU servers… Lair and stable slots are available in the Dragon Insignia section of the marketplace, so you don’t have to buy them with money, just do dailies everyday for about a year and you’ve unlocked them all lol.

    • Nah, I wouldn’t say a year. Lair slots are 1500 DI each so 2 months you got all of them open. and stable slots are 3000 DI each so 4 months, so 6 months to unlock all of them granted nothing changes. This is just going based on if you got 100 DI a day from just doing dailies.

  2. Awesome song , Awesome Trailer , Everything about Dragon Phropet is not bad…. but there’s just something thats not right when playing it….. just like TERA and Aion…. but those 2 are epic games…. and DP is not even close…. ill give 10/10 for music and song , 9/10 for trailer , and 2/10 for gameplay….. better fix it lol

    • Yeah it feels a lot more like Open Alpha really. The new starting area has a lot of missing quest details and dialog. But I still have high hopes. Theres lots of potential to the game. A little too soon throwing it into Open but still, I’m giving them time to redeem themselves.

      • Yeah…. if they can rise the potential to the trailer what i saw that….. its epic…..
        But seriously though…. still a lot of bugs and issues….. ( I joined CB )
        but it just going to get released…. its still got the time to rise up the game to its full potential…. well be4 many guys know how suck it is and left and game shut down…
        too bad though if it shut down…. got a lot of potential

  3. Sadly the music video and the song itself, is awesome. The actual Dragon’s Prophet game…eh, not even close to awesome. Bad animations, bad textures, bad quests, bad game play, just about everything else screams “half assed” and then throw in the cash shop to get more inventory, more dragon slots, and well game is not even that amazing, nope not close.

    Taming dragons cool? Yes, but so is Pokemon.

  4. Dragon’s profit. 😛 well too bad the game is badly coded so it doesn’t run on my average pc. resolution issues where the screen is always cut off and even low fps at the lowest settings. and lol i have a pretty good pc. i really hate to see games be unplayable because developers and publishers didn’t seem to care about making the game accessible for all ranges of hardware. would have loved to play this game!

        • The comment that Falcon made is the 10% tho, since unless you buy the extra dragon slots and lair slots you will be fall behind those who did buy them. Remember dragons are not only tank/dps/healers for you they also give you different skills (more dragons = more skills available at the same time) and do resource gathering for you. So yeah the 6 x 2 comment is 100% accurate representation of P2W in this game.

          • If you search Free Station Cash on google theres a way to get 170 station cash for free. So if you dont have any other game to use it on (Planetside 2) then I say use that and get 2 more slots.

            It’s not illegal. Just have to log in and download this small thing (get rid of it easily) for I think it was Clone wars and some other SOE game.

          • Extra lair space is an advantage (in speed of gather or training) which sounds about right to me. As for having 2 dragons instead of 6 being any sort of combative advantage… well… you’ll end up with your 1-2 dragons overflowing your skill slots anyway. I suppose 6 gives more flexibility in terms of builds, but its not any sort of advantage otherwise. That said, they should put the slot unlocking items in the cash shop since anything in the cash shop can also be purchased using the dailies currency. My biggest beef… 12 dragons out of 300. As someone who wants to collect them, it annoys me that I have such a limited stabling ability. Why can’t there be a dragon storage that just lets me store what I’ve captured and does nothing else?

          • Play on the EU server and you won’t have to spend money to expand your dragon stuff. They even accept US currency to buy diamonds. Problem solved.

          • I haven’t put a dime into the game and I’ve enjoying it. I’m not competing with anyone. The leveling is easy and I have no need for extra slots. I’m not QQing because the guy in town has 3 dragons and I have 2. Besides, don’t expect the game to be outstanding straight out of BETA, lol.

            Lots of games have P2W one way or another. You can buy one expansion and the game instantly becomes pay to win versus those players who haven’t bought the expansion. You pay to unlock certain gear in games EQ2, Vanguard, etc…..Pay to Win.

            LOTRO is pay to win I guess. Buy a questpack and it becomes P2W. Dungeons and Dragons Online? P2W when you buy certain dungeon packs.

            So if you subscribe to a F2P game and get the full benefits, is that Pay to Win?

  5. Unique video! Thumbs up!

    I enjoy the game a lot. With a little polish and TLC, I think it will make to be a great F2P game. Let’s hope this open beta program is actually used for testing and see some updates at official release.

    • Nah man, this game sucked ballz since CBT started, and suck as much now in OB, i have no more faith in this game, again great concept , poor execute

  6. I don’t care what any one say’s, THIS IS AWESOME!! I have been a huge metal fan since I heard Iron Maiden Running Free. & I still am to this day. KILLSWITCH RULES!!! Everyone also should know 80’s Metal has a huge following in japan & china so it fits perfect.

  7. It’s a shame the gameplay of Dragon’s Prophet, and the animation is just so poorly done, or else, I would’ve considered the $60 I spent worth while.

    Even after attempting a few times to play Dragon’s Prophet, I just couldn’t get around to holding myself to play for more then an hour. The concept of the game is incredible, but it lacks quite a bit.

    • While I definitely would have agreed during closed beta since there was a lot of bad things about it. They have definitely have improved during open beta. Still I will say it sucks that they did a soft launch like this during “beta” The game is good though and really should not be just by closed beta material.


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